I’ve Moved

14 Aug

My blog is now self-hosted. Please add www.perfectionisnthappy.com to your readers. See you there!


I’m Moving (Update Your Readers!)

13 Aug

For the past three hours, I have been freaking out.

You see, I transferred my blog to a new host on my own, and for a brief moment, I thought I had lost everything that I’ve put into this blog over the past two years. Thankfully, I did not! (But I’m still learning how to transfer everything over…technology is confusing at times!)

The exciting news is, I am moving. In a few days, or several, you will be able to find me at the new and updated Perfection Isn’t Happy, right here: www.perfectionisnthappy.com.

Update your readers, because this current link will no longer work (and get excited for a fresh, new look)!


Over the Weekend

13 Aug


…made Jenna’s boyfriend’s famous spaghetti for Jordan and I (yum).

…sipped on some red wine (that was also used in said spaghetti).

…went to the racetrack for some quality time with my dad.

…went downtown with Jordan and our friends for my very first NFL game.

It was a busy weekend, but a good one :).

Today, I am finally going to go change my name (!), and then I’m starting off the first day of my half marathon training plan with a long walk with friends — today is a rest/cross training day (my choice). Just to give you a heads up, I am going to be making some changes to my blog over the next week or so, so if anything looks funny, or I’m suddenly missing for a few days, you know why!

Have a great Monday!

Friday Things

10 Aug

1. I am so intrigued by the new TLC show, “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” And by intrigued, I mean, I don’t know whether to cover my eyes and cry, or stare at the screen in shock. I just don’t know…

2. I made a mistake in last week’s post. I didn’t start my half marathon plan this week, because I actually start it next Monday, the 13th. On Wednesday, I went to Athletic Annex to get properly fitted for new running shoes. After walking around barefoot and running in front of guy who has 8 marathons under his belt (very helpful, but a little intimidating, I must say), I now have my first pair of Brooks, and I’m ready to start training!

3. First, it was Gabby Douglas’ hair (too messy?), then it was Lolo Jone’s physique (too sexy?), and now it is McKayla Maroney’s body language.


Yes, in that split second, she looks ungrateful, but should we be so hard on her? She’s 16-years-old. She’s tired. She worked her butt off for her entire life only to be that close to the gold medal, and then she didn’t get it. Give her a break. It seems like everyone has something to say about female Olympians. What about the boys?

4. Yesterday, my mom, sisters and I went back to paint pottery for the second time this summer. I can’t believe that the last time we were there was at my bachelorette party — 7 weeks ago! This summer flew right by.

5. Yesterday, I baked this. Feel free to drool over the recipe, or make it yourself this weekend.

6. I have a self-cleaning oven. Yesterday, when making the above recipe, butter spilled all over the bottom of my oven, and it needed to be cleaned. So, my apartment is currently filled with smoke, my eyes are burning, and I’m just waiting for the two hour cleaning process to be over. I don’t know how smokers live in apartments. They must constantly live in a fog.

7. Today is my grocery shopping day, and I’m really looking forward to it. Does that make me weird?

8. I’ve been making dinner for Jordan nearly every night since we’ve been home. He hasn’t complained about any of the meals yet, but he did say that he was very impressed by my baked barbecue chicken. If only he knew how easy it was (Weber Grill barbecue sauce + Emeril’s Essence)! I guess I’ll be making that again :).

8. I checked out this book from the library on Wednesday, and I have yet to open it. I think I’ll make that change while I sit and make sure that my kitchen doesn’t set on fire.

Have a good weekend!

Honeymoon Recap, Part 7: The Final Days

9 Aug

So, it’s here. My final honeymoon recap. Thank you for sticking with me through all 7 of them ;). When I left off, I had just celebrated my 24th birthday. After my birthday, we had two days left of vacation, and our days were wide open. On Monday, we hit the beach for the very last time.

I apologize for my picture of picture – this is from a water camera 🙂

Jordan jumped off of this cliff — Black Rock — while I watched, eyes half open, from the sand. Thankfully, the jump was a success :).

We shopped and ate frozen treats.

Frozen yogurt for me.

Haagen-Daz for Jordan.

And we ate at our favorite restaurant one last time.

Tuesday was our last day in Maui. We had to check out of our hotel room by noon, but our flight didn’t leave until 10:30 pm. We decided to hit the gym one last time before we grabbed breakfast and packed up our stuff. By 11:45 am, we were on the road, with a whole day to explore. 

We passed this cemetery every time we drove to our hotel, so we decided to check it out. The original immigrants of Maui are buried here. Many of them worked in the pineapple and sugarcane fields to try to make better lives for their families. The layout of the cemetery is much different than what you’d see in the Midwest, so we thought it was interesting.

Tuesday happened to be a particularly hot day, so we decided to go back to Old Lahaina Town, where our luau was, to shop. We shopped until we could shop no more, and then we walked to the movie theater and saw “Ice Age” so we could be in the air conditioning for a couple of hours :). By the time the movie ended, it was after 3:00 pm, and we decided to grab a late lunch/early dinner. We went to Cheeseburger in Paradise (different than the Jimmy Buffet chain that we have here), which I’d highly recommend.

Our table was right on the water, my Hawaiian chicken sandwich was delicious, and the prices were reasonable.

After we ate, we walked down the street to get shave ice. We had it earlier in the week, and wanted to experience it one more time before we left.

That sign is right. I am not a fan of snow cones, so I was a little nervous to try it, but it does not taste like a snow cone at all! It’s more like sherbet or ice cream. Jordan and I split a “Pretty Mama” with cream soda, root beer, and tiger’s blood flavors.

After we’d had our fill of shave ice, we got back in the car to start making our way towards the airport. At that point, we still had over 5 hours to kill. We found another mall and walked around it, we visited Whole Foods because I was intrigued to see what it’d look like in Maui (it looked the same, but smaller), and we went to Kmart to get snacks for our flight home. Eventually, we decided to return our rental car and wait out the rest of the time at the airport. We were already feeling exhausted.

At 10:30 pm Hawaii time, our flight took off, and we were on our way home. After making one connection in Phoenix, we arrived in Indianapolis around 4:00 pm. By that point, we’d been up for over 24 hours, and I was happy to home!

Of course, reality eventually sets in and you start to miss vacation. “Live with Kelly” is shooting from Hawaii this week, and watching those shows, combined with writing these posts,  is already making me want to go back :). Despite the little bumps that we had along the way, it was the perfect honeymoon!

Before I go, I’ll leave you with this.

We got this photo yesterday as a preview, and the rest should be ready within the next couple of weeks! I can’t wait to recap our wedding :).

Have a great Thursday!

Honeymoon Recap, Part 6: My 24th Birthday

7 Aug

On Sunday, July 22, I turned 24-years-old…and I just happened to be in Hawaii (which I did not take for granted — I’m sure that was a once in a lifetime thing!). I woke up to a birthday card on the comforter, courtesy of my new husband. I heard him rustling around before I got up, and sure enough, he was filling out my card :). He told me that I could choose what we did that day, so the first thing that we did was go to breakfast. We upgraded to the all you can eat breakfast buffet, and I ate plenty. I’m not normally a juice drinker, but that guava juice (the pink stuff) was so good!

After breakfast, we went to the gym for a run. He doesn’t enjoy working out as much as I do, but he enjoyed the treadmill TVs and didn’t complain at all :)! After a good run, we hung out by the pool for a while, before going to the spa! Jordan booked a couples’ massage, a new experience for both of us.

Before the massage, we each hung out in separate locker rooms. I sat in the hot tub and steam room for a little while, and then we were off to another room for our massages. Honestly, I wasn’t too thrilled with my masseuse. I was sore from my run and I wish that she would’ve used more pressure, but I’m guessing she was gentle since I told her that it was my first massage. That hour just flew by, and after filling up on some chocolate covered macadamia nuts and fruit-infused water (lunch of champions), we were back to hanging out at the pool before dinner.

That night, we went out for a sushi dinner and Haagen-Daz ice cream.

It was the perfect ending to my birthday! And it’s okay that I didn’t have a cake, I celebrated with my family the weekend after we got back from vacation, and got to make a wish then :).

I only have one honeymoon recap left, so if you’re getting sick of them, the end is near :). Have a great Tuesday!

How did you/will celebrate your birthday this year?

Honeymoon Recap, Part 5: High in the Sky

6 Aug

How was everyone’s weekend? Good, I hope! When I left you last time, I had just finished a sweaty run in the hotel gym before leaving for our next adventure. On that Friday afternoon, Jordan and I drove back to where we first arrived, the Kahului airport, for a helicopter tour! I was a little nervous about the helicopter tour because I’ve heard that they can be dangerous, but it was something that Jordan really wanted to do while we were in Hawaii, and I’m so glad that we did!

That big yellow pouch? That’s a life jacket, just in case we were to land in the water (scary to think about, but safety first!). We flew with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters, who I highly recommend, if you’re ever in Hawaii. I was worried that’d I’d feel motion sick, but I didn’t at all! Our pilot was very knowledgeable of the area, and it was so interesting to learn more about the island.

After our helicopter ride, we decided to attempt ‘The Road to Hana,’ a huge tourist attraction in Maui. It is basically a very narrow and windy road that eventually leads you to the city of Hana. At times, the road goes down to one lane, and you have to yield for cars coming from the other direction. Not exactly the perfect attraction for my nervous personality :). We made it to one of the scenic areas on the road to Hana, Twin Falls, hiked to the waterfall to check it out, and then we decided to turn around and go back to our hotel. By that time it was close to 6:00, and scenic drives are not my thing when I’m hungry! We ended the night with dinner at the hotel restaurant, and then went to bed early because we had exciting plans on Saturday morning!

At 8:30am, Jordan and I drove to another part of Lahaina for our adventure of the day — ziplining! This was my favorite activity of the entire trip. We ziplined in the West Maui Mountains with Eco Skyline Adventure, and our tour guides were hilarious, making the trip even more entertaining.

We did a total of 8 lines, each one a little longer and more difficult.

The view was beautiful, and we happened to be in group with two other honeymooning couples, one from Ohio and the other from Norway (so cool, I thought), so it was fun to get to know them. I was sad when we had to leave; it was such a fun morning!

After ziplining, we went back to the hotel for our usual routine of swimming and relaxing by the pool, before getting ready for dinner at Mama’s Fish House in Paia, on the north side of Maui. Mama’s Fish House was recommended to us by family friends, and although the food was delicious, we were less than thrilled by our slow service — and I found a bone in my salmon :(.

The lobster guacamole with homemade beet and sweet potato chips was so good!

And since it was a special occasion, we just had to get dessert :).

After all of our adventures, the rest of our vacation was a little more relaxed and unplanned. The next day was especially relaxed, because it was my birthday! I’ll tell you how I spent my 24th birthday in Hawaii…tomorrow :). Have a great Monday!