Pumpkin, baking, blogging

9 Nov

My sister recently introduced me to two food blogs, which I have been obsessing over daily. I have been trying to figure out how to combine my passions of baking, exercising, and writing into some sort of a career, and I now feel that it may actually be possible, thank you to the advanced technology of blogging.

However, at the moment, my obsession is slightly taking over my homework time, which should be more important right now, as I am in the process of completing my schooling in order to start this blogging business. Yet, here I am, taking time out of my “homework time” to write about blogging and baking.

One of the food blogs that I have been reading has been introducing a variety of pumpkin recipes for the fall season. One of my favorite fall ingredients is pumpkin, which explains my latest obsession with food blogs that also obsess over pumpkin. Lucky for me, tomorrow night just happens to be the celebration of a friend’s birthday. Which just gives me an even better excuse to bake a yummy batch of chocolate pumpkin brownies :). Did I mention I also made a batch of pumpkin oatmeal this morning? I did…and it was wonderful.

Since I am sitting in the library at school, taking up a computer that could otherwise be used for doing homework, I better get back to reading my Communication Theory. I’ll let you know how the chocolate pumpkin cupcakes turn out…they are first on my to-do list when I get home from class (due to senioritis, baking trumps homework these days).

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