Wrong side of the bed

12 Nov

Today does not feel like a Friday to me. It definitely feels like a Saturday. So perhaps this is why my mood is thrown off today; I don’t know.

My morning started off fine. I went downstairs to make my oatmeal, and… “the kitchen was full.” AKA, living at home with mom and dad means that, sometimes, everyone happens to be home on the same day, in the kitchen at the same time. That was this morning. Have I ever mentioned that I enjoy my alone time in the morning? This pretty much sums up that feeling:

My boyfriend actually calls me “Grumpy Bear.” I wonder why…? 😉 The rest of the day was not too bad, after I got over the fact that I would not be having any alone time in the kitchen today. For lunch, Jordan took me to Panera to “lift my spirits,” and it worked. I enjoyed a generous helping of Greek salad, my favorite. Nothing like some black olives and feta cheese to turn the day around.

To ease my stress some more,  I set out for a two mile walk/run later in the afternoon. Apparently my stress levels still weren’t back to “normal”, because after the two miles, I decided to do a pilates video at home. I may be feeling it tomorrow :/.

Fortunately, the exercise did its magic; I felt much better later in the day. I treated myself by going to Starbucks, setting up a ‘homework station’, complete with laptop and books,  devouring a soy chai latte and a chocolate chip cookie, while simultaneously cranking out a three page paper in 45 minutes. Not too shabby.

Since Jordan is still at work, it looks like I will be spending another night without him; On the plus side, I am going to bed earlier, which means more sleep. For the sake of Jordan and my family, hopefully tomorrow I will wake up on the right side of the bed.

If only I were waking up this bed. This was my room for the duration of my South Carolina vacation in July. My roommate was six, hence The Little Mermaid pillowcase. Although I have to admit, the teddy bear, a gift from Jordan, is mine :).


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