Couch Potato

5 Jan

I cannot justify the amount of time that I have spent in my pink bathrobe over the past three days. It’s embarrassing, really. I also cannot justify sitting on the couch for hours on end just to catch reruns of The Millionaire Matchmaker. This is something that I would normally do if I were sick….and apparently also when I am on Christmas break. Why I find it so entertaining to watch ‘gold diggers’ and ‘players’ try to find true love via Patti Stanger, I’m not so sure. Perhaps it makes me feel more grateful for my own love life. Or perhaps I’m just feeling very lazy this week. Let’s go not go with the latter.

If admitting it makes me a geek, then I must be one, because (sigh) I’m ready to go back to school.(photo courtesy of

While everyone else is venturing back to work or school, or at least making an effort to change out of their bathrobe and into some actual clothes, I’m still vegging on the couch in pajamas, beginning to get a little stir crazy. I’m now a believer of shorter school breaks; five weeks is just too long.

The good news is… (drum roll)…I begin my internship tomorrow! It’s an orientation, so to speak, but nonetheless, it will get me out of the house. I recently found out that I was chosen for the ‘wellness editor intern’ position at a company that promotes healthy living in the Indianapolis area. Although I’m nervous, I’m very excited to learn and grow through this opportunity. I will be writing and editing for the company’s online wellness guide, more simply put, an online magazine. It’s exactly the type of position that I have been looking for and I’m excited about it! Hmm…I wonder if they’d be okay with me showing up to the office in my robe? (Just kidding, maybe ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

In the mean time, I will continue to lounge in my robe. That is, until it’s time to change into my workout clothes for Zumba tonight. I never said I wasn’t getting my exercise in, between these bouts of being a couch potato. A girl’s gotta have some balance in her currently not-so-productive life ๐Ÿ™‚

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