In good times, and in bad

1 Feb

I just looked out my window to see two kids ice skating down the middle of my street. The little girl was wearing figure skates, and the boy, hockey skates, with a hockey stick in tow. If that doesn’t convince you of the ice storm we’re currently in the middle of, this might:


Although I did not take this photo, I thought it was beautiful, and it definitely captures what is going on right now in Indiana. I tried to take a picture of the ice skating kiddos from my window, but quickly realized that I looked like a creeper (oops), and then before I knew it, they were gliding away.

Because of the storm, campus was closed today, and I just got a notice saying that classes are canceled again tomorrow. I finished all of my cleaning and laundry today, so I see some homework and more importantly, baking, in my future :).

Today is day 5 of the blog challenge. I am to discuss a time I considered ending my own life. I consider this topic a little gruesome, so I’ll keep my response to a minimum.

I have never actually considered ending my own life. I talked about the time that I was depressed here, but during that time, I never reached a point of complete helplessness. I was lucky enough to have the support of my family close by. I do realize, however, that not everyone gets the support that they need or deserve in difficult times. Depression can be a scary thing, and if someone were to be in it all alone, I can see why they might re-consider their purpose in life. With that being said, I have personally known people that were (and probably still are) affected by suicide. I feel that it is a selfish way to go, as it severely hurts the people that are left behind. In the end, it is a decision that does not make matters better. Family and friends are left to deal with a devastating loss, and it is especially sad when children are involved.

I do feel that this topic is complicated, almost needing medical attention to be fully analyzed, so I won’t make any other judgments. I just know that for me, my friends and family are what keep me going.

In good times,

and in bad.


2 Responses to “In good times, and in bad”

  1. Hannah February 1, 2011 at 7:51 pm #

    I too feel that suicide can be considered as a selfish act in one sense, but I think the problem is that people who make the decision have become so mired in being overwhelmed by unhappiness that they can’t think clearly anymore. All I know is that I could never do it to my family, who already had to go through that with a family member when I was a baby. Very glad to hear you’ve never been in a place to consider that! 🙂

    • perfectionisnthappy February 1, 2011 at 10:12 pm #

      I agree… I feel that it is a mental illness of sorts, needing definite medical attention.

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