A trip down memory lane

4 Feb

1 Panera bagel + 2 Dove chocolates + chicken salad on an English muffin and a blood red orange later…I am still in my pajamas. Notice how I ate my chocolate before lunch? Sometimes it’s just better that way :).

My point is, today has not been as productive as I would have liked. I worked on homework all morning with the intention of taking a break to exercise, but I haven’t quite gotten there yet. Since the gym was closed  for two days due to the ice storm, and my car is completely iced in (still), I have had to get a little creative with my workouts. After a few days on the treadmill, I was quickly losing interest in my exercise routine. So yesterday, I pulled out this video:

It may be circa 2002, but it gets the job done. My mom bought me this in high school because I have a thing for dance inspired workouts, but now that I’ve done Zumba, this video really doesn’t compare. It was a nice switch from the treadmill though; dance workouts always seem to go by faster for me. Today I plan on completing this video:

Call me cheesy, but this is probably one of my favorite workouts. The video includes 40 minutes of cardio + 15 minutes of mat work. It’s a perfect combo for someone like me, who would rather be up and moving than lying down on the mat. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who has considered trying pilates, but likes a higher paced workout, and music to stay motivated.

On another note, today is day 8 of the 30 Day Challenge. This one’s a toughie: a moment when I felt most satisfied with my life? I feel like there are several moments that I can choose from, but narrowing it down to one, the thing that sticks out to me the most is my time spent in my high school girls’ show choir, Starlight Voices.

I have been involved in choir since I was in elementary school, but before my junior year of high school, I had the opportunity to try out for show choir, and I made it.

If you have never participated in show choir, it’s kind of difficult to explain the rush that it brings. I assume it is much like preparing for any other competitive activity or sport. We would practice for weeks on end leading up to competition season, which would occur during the winter months. I formed extremely close relationships with the other girls, and my weekends were dedicated to singing and dancing.

A few of the girls and I before my final high school concert(sorry for the poor quality, this was taken awhile ago!)

I loved the rush that I got when I was on stage, the costumes, the make-up, the jewelry. I loved having my family and friends come watch and support me. I loved knowing that we worked extremely hard to put on a good performance for the judges and the audience.

One weekend, while at a competition in Illinois, we ended up being gone from 3am Saturday morning until 4am Sunday morning- with no sleep other than what we could fit in on our 2 hour bus ride! The days were long and the nights were a blur, but it was worth it. My senior year our competition points were high, and we were invited to the ISSMA Show Choir State Competition at Ball State University. Although we did not win, we finished that last performance with the most energy I had ever felt on stage, smiles on our faces (I have pictures of this, but they are all scrapbooked away).

I realize my little trip down memory lane might not make sense to everyone, but that sense of accomplishment, as well as allowing myself to let go and have fun, gave me great satisfaction in my life. From the opportunity, I made best friends that I still keep in touch with, I gained confidence, and I have an experience that I will never forget.

One of my friends and I – we met my senior year in Starlight Voices and have stayed close since then (we even worked together for 2 years!)

I’m sure if you ask me to answer this challenge question in three months I will might say that college graduation is when I felt most satisfied, but we’ll come to that when we get there :).

In the mean time, I will come back from my little walk down memory lane, and trade my pajamas for my workout gear. Pilates, here I come!

What are some of your fond memories? Favorite workout DVDs?

2 Responses to “A trip down memory lane”

  1. Ashley @ 365 things February 4, 2011 at 6:42 pm #

    We’re still iced in over here (day 4) and I’m going C R A Z Y! I love the time with my husb and son, but I SO need to get outta here! Sounds like we are in the same boat…lol

    I only have 1 workout DVD and it’s Tammy Lee’s ‘I want those Abs, Arms, buns’ She kicks my a$$ every time. I haven’t used them in a while. So I may get them back out…thanks for the reminder!

    Stay safe! It’s still super icy out.

    • perfectionisnthappy February 4, 2011 at 7:19 pm #

      I know! Just to get out of the house for a day…for two or three hours..? Wishful thinking 🙂 You’re welcome for the reminder! Stay safe and warm!

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