Big Ten + Another blog post

12 Mar

Purdue + Michigan State = One very noisy crowd

That’s where I was Friday evening. The Big Ten Tournament is in town, and Jordan invited me to join him and his dad for the Purdue/Michigan State game. I’m usually not big into basketball, but the crowd sitting around us was enough to keep the experience exciting (i.e. lots of yelling, one shirt taken off, a couple of middle fingers, and two people being pulled out of the fieldhouse by the police). Although I was dressed in my Purdue apparel, I wasn’t too hearbroken when State won. I’ve mentioned before that I’m originally from Michigan, so I was texting my family in Michigan throughout the game to let them know how State was doing. (Not that I get too upset over sports anyway. I’m the girl that reminds everybody “It’s just a game,” which, by the way, they really never want to hear…).

I ended my night with a past-midnight snack of Quaker Oatmeal Squares and a splash of coconut milk, and I now must go to bed. I will be a grumpy girl tomorrow later today if I don’t get my beauty rest.

I plan to spend the day relaxing, cleaning, and Zumbaing (if that’s not yet a term, it should be), but you can head on over to Jess’s blog, A Taste of Confidence, to read my guest post about embracing imperfections.

Enjoy your Saturday đŸ™‚


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