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Birthday boy

30 Jun

Sooo…I finally got rid of the .wordpress and bought my own domain. I know it’s not self-hosting or anything, but it’s something I’ve been meaning to do for weeks now. Yay :). You may be seeing some other changes in my blog in the upcoming days and weeks, but that’s just because I’m just trying to figure out what direction I want to take with it. Thanks for bearing with me :). Suggestions are always appreciated!

*   *   *   *

In other news, today is Jordan’s birthday!

Happy Birthday, Jordy!

I am going to grin and bear the pain in my shoulder, because we are going out tonight. I originally told him that we’d have to re-schedule our celebration, but decided that it might be better for me to get up and moving. Tomorrow’s physical therapy will be awfully painful if I don’t try to use my arm today!

I used to find a new restaurant that I think we’ll both enjoy, and since they don’t take reservations, we’re going to go a little later tonight. Crowds shouldn’t be too bad on a Thursday, right?

In the meantime, I have a Funfetti cake that is just waiting to be frosted.

Enjoy your evening!

Do you have plans for this holiday weekend? I kind of forgot that some people might have tomorrow off- hopefully the crowds aren’t too bad!

When did you decide that you were ready to own your own domain, or self-host your blog?


Indy bloggers

29 Jun

Today I have spent the majority of the day in bed. I got out of the house this morning for a little bit, the first time I’ve been anywhere since last Thursday, but it did not go very well. I started to get really nauseous during the car ride (I’m not even sure why- does that usually happen after surgery?), and I’m pretty sure I scared my sister a little, because she asked me a few times if she should drive me back home instead of going into the grocery store with her. I was determined to go inside and get what I needed (Jordan’s birthday is tomorrow- I needed Funfetti cake mix), but needless to say, I was happy when I was back home and in bed again. Looks like this recovery process may be a little slower than I expected.

That might be around for awhile longer…

But at least I didn’t workout today ;).

–   –   –   –   –

On a different note, a few days ago Clare wrote about her blogger meet-up in St. Louis. I left a comment on her post, saying that people in Indianapolis still don’t know what bloggers are (I was kidding, sort of). What I really meant was, I just haven’t met a lot of bloggers from Indiana. Sometimes trends take a little longer to get to this part of the Midwest. Anyway, she suggested I try looking at a blogger database to find bloggers in my area.

As it turns out, her suggestion was a great one. While wasting endless hours on Twitter  catching up on my tweets the other day, I came across a blogger who belonged to something called “Indianapolis Bloggers.” Who would’ve doubted that such a thing existed? I clicked on the link, submitted my blog, and before I knew it, I was an accepted into the Indianapolis Bloggers as an official member.

I’m pretty excited, because I’ve always been a little jealous of the Orlando and New York blogger meet-ups that I read about from week to week. Maybe I can start a blogger meet-up trend in Indy :).


If you do your research, you might find that your city has a similar type of website for bloggers! Thank you, Clare, for encouraging me to do some of my own research :).

Okay, well I need to drink a big glass of water and lie down again. I’m thinking that this part of my summer will make me appreciate the latter part much more than I usually would :).

Enjoy your evening!

Does your city have a site for local bloggers?

Have you ever done a blogger meet-up? If so, how did you go about organizing it?

Please don’t tell my doctor

28 Jun

Today I am looking very attractive and having a very productive day ;), but let’s rewind, shall we?

Yesterday I may or may not have tried to exercise. A girl can get pretty tired of sitting and laying around for four days straight. So, I hobbled to hopped on the treadmill.

It didn’t matter that I am unable to wear a sports bra (my stitches are in the way), or that it hurt to bend forward to tie my shoes. I was a determined. Possibly too determined.

I walked at a steady pace of 3.1 mph while watching Property Virgins. I tried to up my pace to 3.4 mph, but the impact of my feet hitting the treadmill, my shoulders moving with every step I took, made it hurt. Remembering what my doctor said, I got off when I felt pain. I lasted 15 minutes on the treadmill, then moved to the elliptical for 15 minutes, working out at a very slow pace (without using my arms). The elliptical was much more bearable, and it felt good to move (or that was my reasoning at the time).


This is probably why I am on the couch today, in more pain than I had yesterday or the day before, with my Aircast glued to my shoulder.

I think I tried to do too much too soon.

Please don’t tell my doctor.

Have you ever done too much too soon after an injury or a surgery?

My doctor told me that I could try doing the elliptical as soon as I felt well enough, but to stop if it hurt. Maybe four days was too soon?

What do you do to ease your mind when you have to take a break from exercise?

I guess part of me is a little paranoid, because I usually eat what I want and exercise on a regular basis. I know exercising can potentially make my recovery worse, but I don’t like sitting on the couch all day!


In recovery

27 Jun

I haven’t been doing a lot of blogging lately. Mainly because I’ve been a little…umm…held up.

Which has made it difficult for me to do even the most routine tasks…

I’m actually left-handed.

They performed a nerve block during my surgery, meaning, I couldn’t feel my left arm for about 36 hours afterward. You know that heavy feeling you get when your arm falls asleep? After having that for a day and a half, you become a much more appreciative person.

Since the feeling in my arm is back, the pain has set in. Between taking naps on the couch, and icing my shoulder with my Aircast (the blue tube hanging out of my shirt above), there has been little time for much else.

But that’s okay.

I am grateful for my caring family and boyfriend, and for my health. Because this whole experience has reminded me of the simple fact that, even though there’s been some pain, I still have both of my arms.

I am thankful.

Have you ever had surgery?/ How was your recovery process?

No food, No water

23 Jun

Yesterday, I spent the day out of town. Since I don’t have a job yet, I had the opportunity to attend my sister’s freshmen registration day at Purdue. It was a little strange being back- it’s already been five years since I went there for my first year of college! I wish I would’ve appreciated it more/not gotten so homesick when I was there- it really is a great school! Oh well, live and learn :).

But more on that later…

This morning (I am kind of in a rush, because) I am getting ready for my shoulder surgery. The procedure itself should only take about 30 minutes, but I have to be there bright and early to check-in (actually, 2 1/2 hours early, which seems kind of extreme to me), and after the surgery I’ll have to wait another hour or so before I can leave. Let’s just say it’s going to be another long day.

My nerves are beginning to kick in. I had to stop eating and drinking last night at midnight (even water… I like my water), and can’t eat or drink until it’s over…which may or may not be what I am most worried about. Go figure.

I will feel better once all of this is over. Right now, all I can do is pray for a little strength.


And the next time I am on here, it will be a thing of the past :).

Social media revolution

21 Jun

Thank you to BING Social Search for sponsoring my post about social media. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.


Before there was MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and LinkedIn, there was…wait- what was there??


Oh yeah…now I remember ;).

We are growing up in a generation of texters, tweeters and bloggers. Fifteen years ago, I don’t even think those words existed.

Social media has, no doubt, made a difference in many of our lives. It’s almost hard for me to think of what my life was like before it existed (how did I communicate?), but here are just a few ways social media has changed my life…

1. My cell phone minutes are no longer running out– Before social media sites (like the oh-so-addicting Facebook), I would just call up a friend. Now the only people I call are my parents, or Jordan, and usually it’s just to inquire about dinner. Actually, the last time my phone rang, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” was coming out of the speakers- a reminder that I have not bothered to update my ringtone since Christmas :/.

2. I now have 304 friends and 70 followers. Before Facebook, I could count the number of my friends on one hand. Now I have 304 of them, and quite frankly, I’m not sure I’ve even met some of them in person. Then there’s Twitter. Before Twitter, having just one “follower” would have led me to my local police station. Now I get discouraged that I only have 70. If I was even a little bit of a narcissist before, I think am sure that social media has only intensified that little problem.


3. I spend most of my day on the computer. There are several reasons for this (like job searching and freelancing), but when we really get down it….let’s face it, I’m nosy. I like knowing what people are up to. So, I check Facebook, Twitter and blogs fifteen five times too many throughout my day.

Jordan says that I need to work on this, and can I really ignore the suggestion? When you must read someone’s food diary before having a conversation with your boyfriend, you know you have issues to get your priorities straight.

4. Job opportunities opened up. As a graduate of Communication Studies, social media is kind of a blessing in disguise. Although print newspapers and magazines are slowly working their way out of society (and therefore, taking lots of jobs with them), the job market in social media is expanding. Even doing freelance work (like sponsored blog posts 😉), is great work experience for an aspiring writer.

5. I have a positive outlet. I’m the type of person who is much more open in writing than I am in a face-to-face or phone conversation. Blogging, Facebook, and even Twitter, help me to get my feelings on paper out in the open, without too much fear of being judged. I feel like I have formed friendships (blendships?) with so many bloggers, even though I’ve never met them (you). It makes those hours spent on the computer seem worth it :).

If social media has changed my life this much in the past few years, I can’t imagine what is in store for the years to come.


I’d say it’s a revolution.

How has social media changed your life?

Are you guilty of spending too much time on Facebook/Twitter/blogs?

On getting older

20 Jun

Today I had lunch with an old friend from high school.  You know you’re getting older when the bulk of your conversation consists of rent, bills, apartments, benefit packages,  job hunting, engagements and weddings. In the “old days” our biggest concerns were passing the AP English test, finding a date to senior prom, and buying the perfect hair straightener. What a tough life that was.

I know that my blog posts have been a little heavy lately, centered around topics of change and growing up, but that’s just where I’m at in my life right now. If you would’ve read my blog five years ago, my biggest concern would’ve been choosing a rug to match my dorm room furniture, and my job as a hostess that made me smell like burgers and fries (how dare a job at a burger place do that). I’m sorry about the timing, maybe you would’ve been more intrigued by those topics ;).

But seriously, things do change, and at times, growing up can suck (there, I said it). And sometimes, having lunch with a childhood friend can make that an even bigger realization.

But there are good things about growing up, too. I’m just learning how the “real world” works, but trust me when I say that good always comes along with the bad (like bills). For instance…

1. No more braces and bangs. Enough said.

2. More travel destinations. When friends move away for a boyfriend, spouse or job, it doesn’t mean that you will never get to see them again. It means that you now have one more place to visit. My friend invited me to Oregon the next time I need a vacation, and as soon as I have a job (and therefore, money to travel), I will take her up on that offer!

3. A valid ID. Being of age is convenient when trying to push your way into a crowded bar or club without holding up the line, but if you’re like me and would prefer eating a bowl of oatmeal over pushing your way through a crowded club, your ID can also be useful when trying to get into your favorite restaurant. Tell them you’d prefer to sit in the bar area, flash your ID, and like magic, you’ll be seated in half the time had you been under 21. Oh yeah, and you can trade those “Shirley Temples” for as many adult beverages as you’d like ;).

4. A friend who can relate. Chances are, if you’re feeling the stress of growing up, so are your friends. Talk to them. Listen to them. Rant with them. It’s therapeutic :).


5. Engagements, weddings and babies.  At lunch my friend and I were talking about how expensive engagements, weddings, and life in general can be, but what girl doesn’t get excited over a sparkly ring, catching the bouquet, or the smell of a new baby? Sometimes you have to forget about the money and enjoy the moment :).

And when all else fails…


You can become “that” kid ;).

Name one good thing about growing up/ One bad thing?