Shoulder surgery

17 Jun

Apparently today just decided to fly by. Before I knew it, it was past 4:00. I still had have not worked out, and I was am still in yoga pants and a t-shirt.

My hair’s still in a messy bun, my legs are still not shaved (and I’m supposed to go swimming tonight).

But I have a sort-of valid reason. I went to the shoulder specialist today (aka the orthopedic surgeon). I need to have surgery on my shoulder. Next Thursday. You see, I have had shoulder problems for four years now, but waited until now to get it checked by an MD, by a specialist- I was trying to go the all-natural route. Turns out, those $50 chiropractor visits for shoulder therapy (that I have been going to for two years now) were doing nothing- my MRI shows an abnormal growth on my shoulder joint, and the only way to get my range of motion back is to have it removed. Hence, next week’s surgery. While chiropractor’s can do a lot of great things, I am grateful that I finally trusted my gut, and saw a specialist. Now I can finally get this thing removed and start feeling better (it’s most likely benign- I’m just ready for the pain to be gone!).

After my surgery consultation, my mom took me to Panera for lunch. I failed to take any photos, which has led me to this almost photo-less blog post. Oops. Just take my word for it when I say my 1/2 Greek salad and 1/2 Mediterranean sandwich was good :). By the time we finished eating, and ran back inside to buy some bagels for tomorrow morning’s breakfast (of course), the afternoon had passed us by.

Now that’s it’s almost 5:00, I’m thinking that I will skip today’s workout, go for an afternoon swim, make homemade pizza with Jordan, and help him take his dogs for a walk tonight-wait, that totally counts as working out, right?

Because it’s Friday, and I think I’m learning to embrace my routine-less days.

  Now how do I get that job…

And that’s a good thing :).


2 Responses to “Shoulder surgery”

  1. Nicole @ Of Cookies & Carrots June 19, 2011 at 9:19 pm #

    Oh my gosh girly that is daunting! I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you; I know you can do it! 🙂

    PS walkign the dogs is totes a valid workout. 🙂

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