On getting older

20 Jun

Today I had lunch with an old friend from high school.  You know you’re getting older when the bulk of your conversation consists of rent, bills, apartments, benefit packages,  job hunting, engagements and weddings. In the “old days” our biggest concerns were passing the AP English test, finding a date to senior prom, and buying the perfect hair straightener. What a tough life that was.

I know that my blog posts have been a little heavy lately, centered around topics of change and growing up, but that’s just where I’m at in my life right now. If you would’ve read my blog five years ago, my biggest concern would’ve been choosing a rug to match my dorm room furniture, and my job as a hostess that made me smell like burgers and fries (how dare a job at a burger place do that). I’m sorry about the timing, maybe you would’ve been more intrigued by those topics ;).

But seriously, things do change, and at times, growing up can suck (there, I said it). And sometimes, having lunch with a childhood friend can make that an even bigger realization.

But there are good things about growing up, too. I’m just learning how the “real world” works, but trust me when I say that good always comes along with the bad (like bills). For instance…

1. No more braces and bangs. Enough said.

2. More travel destinations. When friends move away for a boyfriend, spouse or job, it doesn’t mean that you will never get to see them again. It means that you now have one more place to visit. My friend invited me to Oregon the next time I need a vacation, and as soon as I have a job (and therefore, money to travel), I will take her up on that offer!

3. A valid ID. Being of age is convenient when trying to push your way into a crowded bar or club without holding up the line, but if you’re like me and would prefer eating a bowl of oatmeal over pushing your way through a crowded club, your ID can also be useful when trying to get into your favorite restaurant. Tell them you’d prefer to sit in the bar area, flash your ID, and like magic, you’ll be seated in half the time had you been under 21. Oh yeah, and you can trade those “Shirley Temples” for as many adult beverages as you’d like ;).

4. A friend who can relate. Chances are, if you’re feeling the stress of growing up, so are your friends. Talk to them. Listen to them. Rant with them. It’s therapeutic :).


5. Engagements, weddings and babies.  At lunch my friend and I were talking about how expensive engagements, weddings, and life in general can be, but what girl doesn’t get excited over a sparkly ring, catching the bouquet, or the smell of a new baby? Sometimes you have to forget about the money and enjoy the moment :).

And when all else fails…


You can become “that” kid ;).

Name one good thing about growing up/ One bad thing?


7 Responses to “On getting older”

  1. caitlin June 20, 2011 at 5:29 pm #

    I think the experience of growing up and seeing where life takes you is really exciting. I think dealing with money and bills is not so exciting 😉

  2. Jess June 20, 2011 at 6:21 pm #

    I definitely find this more intriguing– it’s what I am going through, too! I love your upsides. Engagements and babies are awesome as long as they aren’t mine yet! haha. I had coffee with a friend the other day who is engaged and expecting and I felt like I was 30 when i left! so crazy.

  3. Laura @ LauraLikesDesign June 20, 2011 at 8:21 pm #

    I agree completely!

    Good thing about growing up – making decisions, not having to ask permission, etc.
    Bad thing – bills, responsibility, bigger consequences.

  4. Karolina @ CounselorMusings June 20, 2011 at 10:16 pm #

    Oh bangs and braces. The good days:) I cringe inside when i look at pictures from that timeperiod in my life!

  5. Mel (mmmstories) June 21, 2011 at 3:26 pm #

    Totally get it! Last year I was definitely in your shoes. It’s a transition but it really gets better. The funny thing about growing up is it never stops..there will always be a next stage to transfer to! And whenever I still freak out about being old, my friends remind me “It’s better to grow old than die young.”

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