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Whole Foods Tuesday

30 Aug

When I began my job, five weeks ago, I decided that I would allow myself to go out to eat once a week. With an office surrounded by restaurants (Qdoba, Paradise Bakery & Starbucks are just a few), it’s hard not to be tempted to run and buy something for lunch, rather than bring it from home. So everyday, except one, I bring my lunch from home, and leave my wallet in the car when I go into work. It’s a system that works for me, especially since I know I’m not completely depriving myself from going out.

Only two weeks into work,  on a random Thursday, I learned that Whole Foods (right next door to my building) is my best bet for fresh, fast food, because there is never a line at the salad bar or the checkout, whereas standing in line for a naked burrito at Qdoba could take fifteen to twenty minutes, on a good day. This is when I declared Thursday, “Whole Foods Thursday.”

I went from eating out  (anywhere) once a week, to eating at Whole Foods once a week.  Except…Thursday comes late in the week and sometimes that is a long time to wait. Which is why… today ended up being a “Whole Foods Tuesday” for me.

I didn’t feel like packing my lunch this morning, and I was craving a salad anyway, so I was perfectly fine with dishing out $6 something for a big salad and a bottle of flavored water.

I wish I would’ve topped the whole thing with more berries. So so good. The water, on the other hand, was a little disappointing. I have tried the blackberry flavor before, but never the lime. It had a bit of a funny aftertaste. You better believe that I wanted to get my whole $2 worth though, so I drank the whole thing anyway :).

As far as tonight goes, I am meeting a friend to go walking and then I plan to relax on the couch before bed. Have a wonderful evening!

Do you bring your lunch, or eat out, when you’re at work/school?

Thoughts on the Whole Foods salad bar?


A Case of the Mondays

29 Aug

I can blame it on the fact that today is the day after my “day of rest.”

I can blame it on the fact that I stayed up two hours too late browing Etsy and Pinterest last night.

Or, I can blame it on the lack of protein in my lunch.

Pointing fingers doesn’t really cure a case of the Mondays though.

Thankfully, several things can.

A 42 minute cardio session and a hot shower,

Breakfast for dinner,

and two hours of ‘Bachelor Pad’,


are the perfect medicine for any Monday funk.

And soon, I will go to bed and look forward to the fact that tomorrow’s Tuesday, a day to start fresh :).


New Layout

28 Aug

My new blog layout is here! It’s simple..but the colors and style are way more me. I have to get ready for church, but will be back with a new post tomorrow! Enjoy the end of your weekend :)!

Under Construction

26 Aug


Yes, that’s right. I am putting my blog under construction to make changes to the layout and ugly (yes, ugly) header. If I can’t stand the way my blog looks, then why should you care to read it?

I plan to make it pretty and gain my readers back in no time. If you have any advice on creating an appealing header, or know of anyone who does blog layout magic, please send their info my way!

Kay? Thanks!


Why Do You Workout?

25 Aug

When I was at the gym this morning (my first morning workout since starting my job 4 weeks ago- wooo!), spacing out on the ArcTrainer, I overheard the two women next to me joking about how hard it is to get up and workout in the morning (my ears perked up because I obviously agreed). One woman said that if she didn’t like to eat so much, then she wouldn’t need to get up and go to the gym. The other responded with, “Yeah, if it weren’t for pasta and bread…” Their convo was all in good fun (and I shouldn’t have been listening anyway), but it really made me think about why I choose to workout. Is it for my health, a better body, both?


Here’s what I came up with. I workout,

1. For A Stronger Body

My core feels stronger after pilates, my legs feel stronger after I run, and my arms feel stronger after a good Body Toning class. When I feel strong, I feel better prepared to face the day.

2. For Stress Relief

When I exercise, I let go of negative emotions. Whether I’m punching the air in a kickboxing class, or stomping out bad feelings as I pound the pavement, a good workout makes me feel better.

3. For My Heart

I love cardio. I especially love that it’s good for my heart. I also love that it’s good for my brain. My mind clears and my mood lifts every time I hit the gym.

4. For My Waistline

Okay, so I am a little guilty of participating in discussions much like the one the women I overheard at the gym were having. If I eat a little too much ice cream or pizza on Friday night, I will most likely go to the gym on Saturday morning. This is not the main reason I workout though. I workout regardless of what I eat, and I try my best not not overdo it. 30 minutes to an hour is all it takes for me to get my adrenaline pumping, and I always make sure to eat properly before or after I go.

Would you like some cereal with those berries?

5. For My Children (err, future children)

Okay, this might sound a little silly, considering I’m not pregnant. Or married. Or considering either of those two things in the near future. But, I do know that the healthier I am now, the healthier I will be when I do decide to have children. I also think it’s important for me to get into a good routine now so I can be a good role model for my future family. When I was little, my mom and dad always worked out. My sisters and I would look forward doing step aerobics alongside my mom- it was fun for us. I think that’s why I’ve never seen it as a chore. It was fun for me then, and it’s still fun for me now. I enjoy it.

I do not exercise to lose weight or to attain an unrealistic figure. I have come to terms with the fact that we are all built differently. My abs may never look like that girl in the photo above. My bathing suit top will always be smaller than my bathing suit bottoms. My arms will always be the most difficult body part for me to tone. The thing is, I’m okay with that. That’s what makes me, me.


The photo above gives one more reason why I exercise. Why do you?

The Marriage Book

24 Aug

Last week, I said that I enjoy reading. I also said that when I do read a book, it is often of the self-help variety. Let me clarify… most of the books are educational and inspirational, not “poor me, feel sorry for myself” books (if that’s what you were thinking 🙂).

My latest read is one that was given to me by my mom. I knew that she was purchasing this particular book for my cousin, for her bridal shower, but I did not know that she had gotten a copy for me, as well.

I was being artistic when I took a completely off-centered photo 2 weeks ago…(??)

The night I came home from Holiday World, Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married, by Gary Chapman, was sitting on my bed. When I was younger, my mom used to place little gifts on my bed every once in awhile, but usually it was a bag of M&Ms or a bar of chocolate. This gift was not chocolate, and yet I was still pretty excited about it. Although the title could make it seem like a light, funny read, it’s actually really informative, written by the same author who wrote The 5 Love Languages.

It’s a short read, and by reading a chapter or two every night after work, I finished it within a week. The verdict? I highly recommend this book to anyone who is in a serious relationship, engaged or married. Actually, I recommend this book to all of the single ladies (and guys) too! The chapters cover various topics that are bound to come up in a marriage. From budgeting and fighting- the correct way, to the differences between men and women when it comes to intimacy, to getting along with the in-laws, dividing responsibilities around the house, the different stages of love, and so on.

Since reading the book, I have passed it along to Jordan, and he has almost finished it too. The end of each chapter features questions to go through as a couple, and at the end of the book there are a few websites to go to, where you can take compatibility tests to learn more about yourself and your partner.

While it might seem like a tedious and a clinical way to think about marriage, I think it’s the kind of book that could prevent a lot of divorces. The author repeatedly says if you’re unsure about your relationship before you get married, then that’s the right the time to get out of it- you’ll be a stronger person because of it. For a girl who has watched way too many Disney movies and romantic comedies in her lifetime (who, me?), this was the kind of book that I needed to read to give myself a good reality check.

The truth is, after awhile, the initial spark of romance and infatuation wears off (according to Chapman, this occurs around 1 1/2 to 2 years, depending on the couple), and the relationship is not as easy. After dating for 2 years and 8 months, I will be the first to tell you that my relationship takes work.

Don’t be deceived- it is not always butterflies and holding hands and sweet glances across the room. And sometimes, I need a reminder that that’s okay. After all, life is not supposed to be perfect.

Read the book if you need those reminders too (or, just read the book).

Have you/would you read any of Gary Chapman’s books?

If you are already engaged or married, did you read any books in preparation for marriage?

Traveling for a Shower

22 Aug

After traveling to Michigan over the weekend, I arrived back in Indiana last night. Although it was a quick trip, it was really nice to see all of my family. We’ve been going to Michigan a lot this summer, some times were for more somber reasons, and then there were happier occasions, as well. This weekend was a happy occasion- my cousin’s bridal shower!

My mom and I left early Saturday afternoon, and arrived at our destination (my grandma’s house :)) around 5:30. After dropping off our bags, we were off to meet my grandpa (on the other side of the family) for dinner. Until recently, I never realized how fortunate I am that both of my parent’s parents get along. It was not unusual for us to have combined holidays and dinners when we were growing up, and Saturday night was no different. We spent almost two hours catching up.

On Sunday morning, my mom and I went to church with my grandma, and we ended up meeting up with my aunt, uncle, and two of their kids (my cousins, of course) while we were there. It was really nice to catch up with them. My cousins were leaving for school right afterward, and I must admit it made me a little sad to only have boring old work 😉 to talk about rather than new books and classes (just kidding, I do like my job).

I do not miss that big purple backpack

After church, my mom and I packed up again, and we were off to the shower. I meant to take more pictures. I even told my cousin I would take pictures for her. And then we started playing games, and at the end of opening presents I turned to the maid of honor sitting next to me and said that I completely forgot- oops. Oh well, the memories are good ones. Everything was beautifully decorated in pink and green (my favorite colors, so I definitely approved 🙂). There was a salad bar for lunch, and then, my favorite, an ice cream sundae bar for dessert. My cousin and I did manage to sneak in one picture before I left to go home.

I’m really not a giant…she’s tiny 🙂

She’s going to make a beautiful bride. I keep telling her that I can’t believe she’s getting married, and I guess it’s because part of me still feels like a kid. We are only eight days apart in age, so we spent a lot of time together when we were younger. Out of the two of us, I’ve always been the one more likely to reminisce (out loud, at least), so it should be no surprise that I keep saying, “Where did the time go?” It went too fast.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Alright, well now I am just waiting for my mom to come downstairs so we can watch ‘Bachelor Pad’. I’m also eating a monster size bowl of Quaker Oatmeal Squares for dinner. There wasn’t enough in the box to have another bowl tomorrow, so I had to finish it up. Darn ;).

Alright, well it looks my mom is ready to start the DVR, so I must go. Enjoy your evening!

Do you have cousins close in age?

Have you been to a bridal shower?