Maybe I’m a Little Lame-O

28 Sep

I wish there was one more hour in the day. I would use most of it for blogging, and a little of it for sleeping. There just aren’t enough hours in my day for both. *Sigh* Anyway, I promised you guys a bachelorette party recap, and a recap I shall give you!

Let’s rewind to Saturday. Jordan and I arrived in Michigan just a little before 4:00. This gave me just enough time to catch up with my grandma before getting ready for the party. I wasn’t exactly sure of all the details of the night, but I knew that our first stop was for pizza and drinks. I failed to take any photos of this occasion, but let’s just say we sufficiently filled ourselves with pizza, salad, breadsticks and beer before continuing the night at Lauren’s cousin’s house.

We carpooled over there, where Lauren’s friend was kind enough to make sangria (really good sangria, in fact). We sipped on that until it was time for the bride-t0-be to open presents.

I must admit that prior to the party, I didn’t have a good idea of what people give at bachelorette parties. I decided to go the Victoria Secret gift card route, figuring she could pick out what she likes, but I quickly realized that this made me kind of lame-o. One of her friends gave her a bag full of travel size products for her honeymoon- such a cute idea!  Live and learn, I suppose.

After presents were open, cupcakes were eaten. One of her friends had cupcakes made for the occasion, and they were delicious :). After spending some time at her cousin’s house, it was time for the next stop of the night. In my case…bed.

I bet you’re wondering why I drove all the way to Michigan to leave the party around 10pm, to go back to my grandma’s and go to bed.

Here’s the thing. I made myself feel guilty. Jordan drove the entire way up to Michigan so I could get some rest, and he dropped me off at the party. A few of the girls were going out after the cupcake and present portion of the night, but I wasn’t sure where it would lead or how late it would be. Since I didn’t want to keep Jordan up all night waiting to hear from me, I decided to call it a night early. And like all 83-year-olds 23 year-olds do, I fell asleep as soon as I got back.

If you were expecting to hear any crazy drunken/ stripper stories from me, you should’ve realized you were getting your hopes up ;). Looking back, I realize that Jordan would’ve been fine hanging out with my grandma, and with picking me up at any time of the night. I felt extremely bad the next day for not being there for all of Lauren’s night. I love my cousin, and I want to do anything to support her (or in this case, celebrate her last two weeks of being single!). From what I heard, the girls that did stay went to a few bars, had a few drinks and a good time .

I can’t be hard on myself forever for missing out on an important night in my cousin’s life, but I can appreciate that I was there for most of it. And…I’m excited- the wedding is now less than two weeks away! I’m taking a four day week at work next week to head back up to Michigan…and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t already counting down the days. I already love weddings, but this time it’s my cousin getting married!

Okay, I must finish getting ready for work now. It’s already Wednesday! Enjoy your day :).

Tell me about a bachelorette party experience (if you’ve been to one).

Have any of your close family members (brothers, sisters, cousins) have gotten married? Did you find it exciting?

5 Responses to “Maybe I’m a Little Lame-O”

  1. Laura @ LauraLikesDesign September 28, 2011 at 7:32 am #

    Ah, I would have been the same way…I’m not one for bar hopping and whatnot. I prefer more low-key events.

    That idea of giving someone a bag of travel items for the honey moon is brilliant! I’m totally going to steal that idea for the next bachelorette party I attend!

  2. Katie @ Peace Love and Oats September 28, 2011 at 11:15 am #

    My brother got married in June so as a bridesmaid I had to throw the bachelorette party! We had pizza and salad at her condo, ate cup cakes, had some drinks then opened presents. At 10, we had arranged a trolley to pick us up and take us around to bars in Chicago! It turned out to be a lot of fun and my sister-in-law loved it! It was also perfect for me because we only had the trolley until 1am, which meant I wasn’t obligated to stay out crazy late! Haha I’m a grandma too, that 1am time was pushing it!

  3. Mallory @ It's Only Life After All September 28, 2011 at 8:32 pm #

    my cousin julie got married a month or so ago. it was really fun & one of the most fun ive had at a wedding! then again, ive only been to a few, and the others that ive been to i was too young to really care. the vows are my favorite part (and the cupcakes…omg…those were amazing)

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