Survey Says…

26 Jan

I’m in a survey kind of mood today. It’s been a tiring week, and I feel like ending it on a random note. We can pretend we’re in 7th grade again- surveys consume all of our free time (or am I the only one that actually filled them out?). You know you love them ;)…

1. What is one of your favorite ways to spend a Saturday? Saturday night is my family’s “pizza night.” We get pizza and watch “House Hunters,” and just chill out on the couch. I like it. I wonder if Jordan and I will be invited when we’re married ;)?

2. List your top three favorite shows:

– Friends

– Bethenny Getting Married (and Bethenny Ever After)

– Gilmore Girls

3. Would you rather be in pictures or take them?

I’ll just be blunt. I like getting my picture taken. If I said otherwise, my family would call me out ;).

Working the camera since I was 3-years-old

4. Why do you blog?

Writing is my outlet. I’m not always the greatest at expressing myself in person, but when I have time to write my thoughts down, everything makes more sense. I love the blogging community too. Even though I haven’t met anyone in person, I love that I can relate to so many of you!

5. Share five websites you regularly visit:






6. If you could have lunch with one person from your Twitter list, who would it be?

Oprah. I’ve been a talk show junkie for as long as can remember, and she is the queen of the business (not to mention all of her other accomplishments). It’s probably cliche, but I admire her.

7. List a few of your favorite snacks:

– Chocolate


Quaker Oatmeal Squares

And sometimes, I eat Oatmeal Squares with chocolate 🙂

8. Do you have a pet? If so, what kind?

Nope, no pets.

9. Which three material items would you struggle to live without?

– TV

– my laptop

– my cell phone

10. What is your favorite drink?

Green tea, and water. It’s basically all I drink…and I drink a ton of it!

11.Do you enjoy cooking? I already know this is going to cause problems when I’m married. Baking, on the other hand, I love! Think we can just eat baked goods every night for dinner ;)?

12. Do you have children?

I love kids, but no. Hopefully I will someday, but we plan to wait quite a few years for that.

14. Favorite hobbies?

Working out, blogging and baking.

15. Would you consider yourself shy or outgoing?

It depends on the situation. I’m quiet around new people, but once I’m comfortable, I’ll warm up.

16. Who is your favorite actor/actress?

Hmm…I don’t really have favorites, but if I had to pick I would say: Actor- Ashton Kutcher or Ryan Gosling, and Actress: Kaley Cuoco or Katherine Heigl.

17. What’s the coolest thing you’ve done this week?

I got my haircut tonight, and my stylist and I started talking about my wedding, so she decided to try a hairdo for the wedding! It was just a very quick trial run , but now I’m excited to go look for more ideas on Pinterest!

18. Do you live near or far from your parents?

I think I live about as close to my parents as I could get ;). That will change in July, of course, but we’re looking at places in the same area.

19. List three of your talents:

I can write.

– I’m ambidextrous. I write and eat left-handed, play sports right-handed, and can do most other everyday things with either hand.

– I have rhythm. That sounds silly. What I mean is, I danced for over 15 years, and sang in choir for many years.

Can you spot me? This was a song and dance number for my final choir performance in college.

20. What is your greatest attribute?

I’m very determined. When I know what I want, I work hard to accomplish it!

Now it’s your turn! Answer one the questions, and/or copy the quiz and post it on your blog!


2 Responses to “Survey Says…”

  1. Kristen @ notsodomesticated January 27, 2012 at 6:50 pm #

    I’m a big fan of the TV shows you listed. I’ve probably watched every episode of Gilmore Girls at least 10 times, but I still love it! 😉

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