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WIAW: Week 1 Lent Recap

29 Feb

I can’t believe that one week has passed since last week’s WIAW post! Time is flying. This means…I have made it one week without eating desserts! I’ve had my moments, but I’m pretty proud of myself. You saw a lot of junk food in last week’s post, but you won’t see it again this week. Along with giving up desserts, I’m trying to incorporate more fruit and veggies into my diet, as well. With that being said, here’s what my eats looked like yesterday.



I began my morning with 1 cup of Quaker Oatmeal Squares topped with a few sliced strawberries and a handful of chopped walnuts, all swimming in a pool of coconut milk. On the side, I had a cup of coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon. I love the taste of coffee, but not what it does to my body. I was shaking all day long! I think I’ll stick to green tea for the rest of the week. 


For lunch, I packed a salad with spinach and sweet butter lettuce, carrots, broccoli, sunflower seeds and raisins, all topped with an oil and vinegar dressing. On the side, I had some baby Goldfish crackers and a mandarin orange. The second orange never got eaten, but it’ll be waiting for me today!


Lunch did not keep me full for very long (the protein was definitely lacking), so I was hungry again a couple of hours later. Not like this is unusual, I always have to have an afternoon snack to get me through the day! Today’s snack was a Pretzel Honey LUNA Bar, which just happens to be my new favorite “treat.” It practically tastes like a candy bar, but has 9 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber, and 11 grams of sugar (less than my beloved Chobani). If you’re cutting back on sweets (or even if you’re not),  I highly recommend you try it (and no one paid me to say that).


For dinner, I went out with co-workers. We went to a new-to-me bar & grill, Fox and Hound.  I’m a bit of a homebody during the work week, as it is, but the smoky atmosphere and greasy bar food just didn’t thrill me. I ate half of a grilled chicken sandwich and fries, and part of a soft pretzel appetizer. The food was okay (not picture-worthy), but I don’t think I’d go there again. Work did take care of the bill, so I am grateful for that! And you know how I said you wouldn’t see junk food in today’s post? Well, I didn’t completely lie, since I have no evidence, other than my words ;).

As you can see, I am making progress, people! There is no chocolate in this post, and I am very proud of that!

What did you eat yesterday?

Do you participate in WIAW?


Sweet Temptations

27 Feb

Boy, was my willpower tested this weekend.

 On Saturday, Jordan, my parents and I headed to the food tasting for the wedding. Prior to the tasting, we had chosen a variety of entrees and side dishes to taste test, knowing we’d have to narrow it down to two entrees and three sides. After meeting the caterer (such a nice lady!), and discussing some details, our food was served. I didn’t take any pictures, because she was standing nearby and I felt it’d be rude, but everything was delicious! We had so much trouble picking two entrees, that we decided to add a third entree. We’ll have fish, chicken and beef, which means something for everyone! The side dishes were a little easier to choose, as we knew we wanted mixed vegetables so the vegetarians would have something to eat, and my mom and I kept going back for seconds on the sweet potatoes and potatoes au gratin, so we knew those would be a hit. The catering company is also known for their homemade rolls and baked goods. Yep, baked goods.

I was not aware of this prior to the food tasting, and despite my Lenten resolution, the baker inside of me was still pleasantly surprised. She asked us if it would be okay if she baked cookies for all of our guests so they’d have something to take home with them on their way out. I think our reactions went something like, “Are you kidding me? Of course! That’s so sweet of you! Yes, please!” We like desserts in this family (She told us that some people decline the offer!). She sent us home with a box of assorted cookies so we can choose which ones we’ll have at our wedding.

Just look at all of those freshly baked cookies (She was pulling them out of the oven right as we arrived. Torture, I tell you, torture.)! Thankfully, Jordan and my dad didn’t give up desserts for Lent, so they were able to try what my mom and I couldn’t. I’m pretty sure Jordan made a dent in half of that box on his own. My mom froze a cookie so she can try it after Lent, but I’m just taking Jordan’s word for it. According to him, all of the flavors are good!

My sweet tooth continued to haunt me on Sunday when Jordan and I went to the grocery store together. I picked out a ton of fruit that will last me through the week and curb my cravings, and then I picked up this.

I won’t tell you how much sugar is in it, but hey, it’s not dessert ;). I think Jordan was happy that I drank something sugary because I was getting a little grumpy. It just goes to show how addicted I really am!

I was tempted one more time this morning, when my co-worker brought in cookies, but I resisted the temptation.

So far, so good…only 5 1/2 weeks to go :).

Have you ever been tempted by something you weren’t supposed to have?

Are you addicted to sugar?


Listening to My Body

24 Feb

I haven’t worked out since Monday. In my college days, skipping three days between workouts would make me cringe.

I haven’t gone to the gym in three days, because I’ve been feeling a little under the weather. I can tell when I’m getting sick, and the aches and exhaustion showed up a few days ago. Thankfully, in the past year, I’ve gotten much better at listening to my body. The “old” me would’ve ignored my symptoms and continued on to Zumba class on Wednesday. The old me would’ve stayed up until 11:00 on Thursday to “get everything done” (aka blog, Pinterest, etc.), but the “new” me knows better.

I think I learned my lesson when I attempted to work out a few days after my shoulder surgery. Not my proudest moment. Since then, I’ve tried my best to notice when my body’s telling me that I need to rest. Work’s been beyond crazy the past couple of weeks, so it’s no wonder that my body wants me to slow down.

The past two nights, I’ve been in bed by nine, asleep by 9:15. I think I need to incorporate this new bedtime into my life all of the time, because today, I feel sooo much better! I’ve also been taking multiple doses of Airborne a day. If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend it. I’ve taken 4 or 5 doses since Wednesday, and I feel much more like myself today.

Finally, as I mentioned above, I’ve been saying “no” to the gym. It’ll be there when I feel better, and taking a few days off isn’t going to hurt me. I think I even feel well enough to do some light cardio tonight! If I had worked out when I felt rundown and achy, I’d probably be sick today.

Listening to my body has paid off. Now I just need to get through this day so I can get to the fun stuff I have planned this weekend (read: food tasting for the Wedding!). TGIF!

Do you listen to your body?

What do you have planned this weekend?


WIAW: Fat Tuesday Edition

22 Feb

This month’s What I Ate Wednesday might be veggie-themed, but looking at yesterday’s eats will make you think otherwise. I took this year’s Fat Tuesday very very literally, but with good reason, kind of. You see, this year for Lent, I am giving up sweets. All of them. No more chocolate in my oatmeal, no more Dove chocolate after lunch, no more ice cream after dinner. I’m giving it all up. Cold turkey. The only sweet things I will allow myself are granola (which sometimes contains chocolate), and a can of pop with pizza (once a week). Everything else will be off limits.

Needless to say, I made sure to binge splurge as much as I could yesterday.

I started my day with a plate of homemade chocolate chip pancakes, with a few chopped walnuts thrown in for good measure.

Chocolate chip pancakes are often my go-to breakfast, so I’m going to have to get a little more creative over the next six weeks. I’m going to miss that kick of chocolate in the morning!

For lunch, I went to Paradise Bakery to grab something to go. I ended up with a cup of tomato basil soup, a small fruit salad, and for dessert- a coconut chocolate chip cookie. Paradise has the best cookies, and they come “free” with every meal, so it was something I wanted to treat myself to before I give it all up :).

My lunch kept me full throughout the day, so I didn’t even touch the snack that I brought for the afternoon, a mango Chobani yogurt. It’s probably a good thing too, since I had a dinner date planned with my sister after work.

We went to my favorite Mexican restaurant and started with chips, salsa and guacamole.

I probably could’ve made a meal out of that, but I also ordered two beef tacos to accompany my chips. They do not shy away from cheese!

And of course, Fat Tuesday wouldn’t be complete without ice cream. I ended the evening with a chocolate covered strawberry blizzard from Dairy Queen, and it definitely hit the spot.

Yesterday was an indulgent, sugar-filled day, but I have to admit that I’m kind of excited to cut out the sugar in my life.  If I can make it through the next 40 days, then maybe I can exend the challenge even further? We’ll see ;).

Are you giving up anything for Lent?

Did you do anything on Fat Tuesday? I think I proved that healthy living bloggers eat junk too. If you say you don’t, I don’t believe you ;).

Wedding Planning: What I’ve Learned So Far

20 Feb

1. I don’t care  know nothing about men’s fashion.  On Saturday afternoon, Jordan, my sisters, my mom and I had two wedding-related things to take care of- the bridesmaids dresses, and the tuxes. I picked out my bridesmaids dresses online before I was even engaged I picked out my wedding dress, so that was an easy stop. The girls were measured and the dresses were ordered within a matter of minutes. The tuxes, on the other hand, were a little stressful. We had to look at tie patterns, vest patterns, fabrics, and colors. We had to decide if the guys will wear a pocket square (they’re not). We had to decide whether the pants should be pleated (most are, Jordan’s aren’t), whether the shirts should be microfiber (they are), and more details that you couldn’t even imagine. An hour or so later, we had picked out three different tux styles…one for Jordan, one for the groomsmen, and one for both of our dads. Needless to say, I am happy that we can check that not-so-small task off the to-do list :).

2. Unless it’s the very last minute, I am not a detail-oriented person. I guess I should’ve known this about myself. In college, some of my best papers were written within an hour of the deadline- I work better under pressure. Since the wedding is still five months away, the pressure hasn’t kicked in yet. My mom is asking me about church decorations and table numbers and cupcake decorations- and I’m just not quite ready to think about it yet. We have all of the big things done, and that puts my mind at ease. I just have so many little things to think about still.

I’ve got my eye on these…

3. Family is a huge help. Thankfully, when I don’t feel like thinking about the little details, my mom and sisters do. My mom has been a huge help in getting wedding-related things done while I’m at work during the day. I really don’t think we’d have the wedding planned without her (seriously). She’s been able to negotiate prices, order sample cupcakes, book a block of rooms for guests, schedule a food tasting, etc. etc. etc. I don’t have much of an interest in event planning (my biggest concerns were my dress and the photographer), so it’s nice to have other people help me stay on task!

4. Pinterest is my best version of a wedding binder. When I got engaged, a lot of people told me that I would need to start a wedding binder- a place to keep all of the wedding plans organized, something to keep myself sane. But you know what? I’ve never been a binder person. So far, I have a small collection of contracts and information in a notebook, along with some ideas I jotted down. Everything else is on Pinterest. It’s such a convenient place to keep my thoughts and dreams (yes, dreams). If I find something I really like (like those cupcakes), all I have to do is print it out…instead of printing every single thing out and keeping it in a big binder. You could say I’m helping the environment too :).

I sent this photo from Pinterest to the florist…potential bridesmaid bouquet!

Wedding planning has had its ups and downs, but I think everything is coming along nicely. Ask me how I’m doing in a couple of more months…I may give you a different response ;).


Sad Day

16 Feb

My laptop is broken. No- it’s dead. Its time has come. I suppose it was bound to happen, I’ve had it for over 5 1/2 years. I just never thought the day would actually come. On Monday, right as I was pinning something to Pinterest, everything went blank and a hard drive error appeared on the screen. I showed Jordan yesterday, and all he could tell me was, “that’s not good.” Great. He talked to the IT guys at his work, and they said that there’s a 90% chance that they’ll be able to recover my files (I have nothing backed up- smart, I know), but after that, it’ll be time to move on.

Needless to say, my heart hasn’t really been in blogging this week. I like to multitask from the comfort of my couch or bed, and sitting at a desktop computer just doesn’t give me the same kind of motivation I need to write a post or comment on other blogs. Is that weird? I know I’m lucky to still have the convenience of my parents’ desktop computer, but I need to figure out what I want to do next. If you can suggest an affordable, but durable, laptop, please do! I had a lot of problems with my Dell over the years, so I’m not sure I want to go in that direction again :/.

On a happier note…who’s glad that the weekend is almost here? I know I am :). This weekend, my sisters are going to Alfred Angelo to order their bridesmaids’ dresses, and since the tuxedo store just happens to be located next door, Jordan and I are going to go pick out the guys’ tuxes. I know I haven’t talked about wedding planning on the blog in awhile, but the good news is, everything seems to be coming together nicely! I’ll dedicate a couple of posts to wedding-related things in the future- I have a lot to talk about!

Before I go, I want to leave you with this post from Ashley at My Food N’ Fitness Diaries. If you’ve ever felt self-conscious about your body (and who hasn’t?), then it’s definitely worth a read!


I think we can all agree with that?

Have a great one :)!

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bark

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope that all of you are spending it with the ones you love. On Sunday afternoon, Jordan and I were finally able to talk for a few minutes. He surprised me when he told me that he’s coming home tonight, not tomorrow! I know he’s going to be exhausted, but I’m hoping that he can stop by for a little bit- if for nothing else then to pick up this special treat that I made him:

Valentine’s Day Bark

6 squares Baker’s semi-sweet chocolate

6 squares Baker’s white chocolate

Pink food coloring (I used the gel kind, found at Kroger)

Valentine’s M&Ms

Valentine’s sprinkles

1. Melt the semi-sweet chocolate in the microwave for 2 minutes, stopping every so often to stir. Spread it (thinly) onto a lined (I used waxed paper with non-stick spray) baking sheet, and let set in the fridge.

2. Melt the white chocolate in the microwave for 2 minutes, stirring every so often. Once melted, put in as much food coloring as desired, and stir.

3. Spread the white chocolate mixture on top of the hardened semi-sweet chocolate, then top with M&Ms and sprinkles, pressing the toppings into the chocolate so they stick.

4. Put the baking sheet back in the fridge, and let set.

5. Once the chocolate is set, break into pieces, and store in a container (I put mine in the fridge).

I know that the day is coming to an end, but if you’re still looking for a quick Valentine’s gift, I highly recommend this. Since it’s cold here, I put my baking sheet outside for the chocolate to set, which saved a lot of time. It tastes good too (of course I had to try some :)).

Okay, well I’m off to eat dinner and finish my laundry (so romantic, I know) before Jordan gets home. Enjoy your evening!