Body Weight Circuit Workout

18 Jul

Today, Jordan and I are scheduled to go kayaking and snorkeling. While I’m having a blast with that (I hope!), Katie from Peace Love & Oats is here to talk about a different form of fitness — circuit training. I’m so excited to try this workout when I get back, and I hope that you enjoy it too. Thanks, Katie!

Hi everyone! My name is Katie and blog over at Peace Love & Oats! My blog is basically my life as a law student, trying to stay healthy and enjoying the things I love, which include oatmeal (and plenty other food), reading, working out, and running! Currently I’m training for my first ever marathon, the Chicago Marathon this October! I’m also fundraising for Girls On the Run through the marathon, it’s a great organization so be sure to check it out!

One thing that I’ve learned from training is that logging miles is very important. However, cross training is EQUALLY as important! However, with cross training, I can work on muscle strength, core strength and flexibility which are key to helping me run faster and keep from getting injured. Although I love simply lifting weights or using the elliptical, another fun way to cross train (and keep that heart rate up) is to do circuit workouts!

What’s a circuit workout? I’m sure many of you have done them, but for those who may be new to the idea, defines a circuit workout as:

“a workout technique involving a series of exercises performed in rotation with minimal rest, often using different pieces of apparatus.”

Seems pretty simple, right? Well it is! Circuit workouts are typically made up of either one big circuit that you do multiple times, or 2-5 smaller circuits that you do multiple times. Personally, I prefer the smaller ones since they keep my mind working!

I also love circuits involving workout tools, like weights, stability balls, bosu balls, etc. However, sometimes I need to get my workout done fast and at home, or even on vacation where I don’t have those tools available to me. In that case, I’d do a body weight circuit, which is what I’m going to share with you all today!

Along with the workouts I have developed, there are many other bloggers with great circuit workouts that you should check out:

My Food N Fitness Diaries

Peanut Butter Fingers

In Sweetness and In Health

I hope you all enjoy the workout, and are having a great summer!

Do you enjoy circuit workouts?


5 Responses to “Body Weight Circuit Workout”

  1. Lauren July 18, 2012 at 9:17 am #

    That sounds like a great workout, I’ll have to try it soon!

  2. Danica @ It's Progression July 18, 2012 at 6:31 pm #

    pinned the workout! circuit-style is my favorite (it always feels the most effective and avoids any of that ‘down time’)

  3. Big Vanilla Athletic Club July 19, 2012 at 9:15 am #

    Looks like a great workout! Works a lot of important muscle groups.


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