A Beautiful Summer Wedding

19 Jul

Thanks so much to Erin from Girl Gone Veggie for guest posting while I’m gone. She is newly engaged, and before we know it, it will be her big day too!

Hey everyone! I’m guest posting for Emily today while she is otherwise preoccupied with planning the finishing touches for her wedding/ getting married/ enjoying her honeymoon in Hawaii! I know it will be an absolutely beautiful day and I am so excited for her and Jordan! Congratulations on such a big, exciting step in your life Emily! I thought since everyone loves weddings it would be fun to do a post on a recent wedding I went to. I’m always looking for ideas for my future wedding at other people’s weddings and the one I went to recently with my boyfriend gave me so much inspiration!

For a little bit more about me first, my name is Erin, Iā€™m a 21-year-old marketing major in college, and a vegetarian. I became a vegetarian a little over a year ago after looking to pursue a healthier lifestyle and become more informed about what I eat and how it affects my body. I blog about my eats, fitness, college, my life, my puppies, my boyfriend, and lots of other random stuff over at Girl Gone Veggie.

Josh (my boyfriend) and I traveled to Connecticut in the middle of June for one of his childhood friend’s weddings. Josh and Katie (the bride) have been friend’s sine pre-school! I was so excited to meet some of his oldest friends and for the two of us to be able to dress up for the occasion! I love cute summer dresses. šŸ˜€

The wedding was held in Edgerton Park and it was one of the most breathtaking backdrops for a wedding I had ever seen. It was so beautiful and intimate and I loved how the wedding was in front of a huge tree and gorgeous hydrangea bushes! They’re my second favorite flower, after peonies! I also thought the white chairs were such a nice touch. As the bride and groom walked back down the aisle after the ceremony we all threw rose petals on them, it was really beautiful.

They had a harpist and flutist playing for the guests before the ceremony and while the bride walked down the aisle. It was very romantic and created such a nice atmosphere. At my wedding I’d love to have a piano and cello play something like this:

How amazing would it be to walk down the aisle to something like that?

After the ceremony there was a cocktail hour with some of the most amazing hors d’oeuvres I’ve ever had at a wedding. There were veggie spring rolls, veggie pot stickers, gazpacho shooters, stuffed mushrooms, and the most amazing cheese spread ever. I was in love with the cranberry brie with apple slices. It was so delicious! I also just loved how the cheese looked displayed on a big cutting block. It was rustic yet elegant which I really found beautiful.

There were also grilled breads, bean dips, and veggie salads. I made sure to ask who the caterers were because I was so blown away and it was Jordan Caterers. They were absolutely phenomenal.

After the cocktail hour it was time to celebrate! I love how the reception was under a big white tent in the park. They got really lucky for the beautiful weather that they had! I would be a nervous wreck if I had an outdoor wedding that it would rain.

The inside of the tent was decorated beautifully. I would like to have some things hanging from the top of the tent to give it a little more color. Also, at this wedding there was no assigned seating which I can’t decide if I like or if I don’t. I would really like to assign people places to sit just for order and practicality (and because I’m extremely type A) but if it would make the guests unhappy then I wouldn’t want to do that.

I loved the floral centerpieces. The balls in the vase lit up as it got dark out!

The drink station was adorable. I loved how the wedding colors were tied into the drink tags and ribbon. I’d love to fill pitchers like that with fresh sangria and mint juleps!

A huge spread of delicious food with a carving station at the end. I like the idea of a buffet because then people could eat as much as they want and try different things. I think my ideal wedding would have different food stations for guests to visit that way there is never a line and people are up and moving.

The beautiful cake. I love the decoration on it, for a cake topper I think I’d love an initial for our last name. I love the look of this cake I found online.

Along with the cake there was an amazing Italian cookie spread. Omg I ate so many of these, they were delicious. I’m normally a huge wedding cake person but I couldn’t tear myself away from the cookies! I loved the idea of giving guests options. A cookie bar is so fun!

There was also coffee and tea to end the night which I thought was a nice touch. I’d like to do hot toddies, cookies, and sparklers by way of a send off. šŸ˜€

It was such a fun night. I got to meet some of Josh’s oldest friends and we had the best time dancing to the perfect wedding DJ. He played the best mixture of old and new songs with tons of big band. (My favorite to dance to!)

If you’d like to read more about my journey going vegetarian, fun trips I’ve taken, or just random posts about my life feel free to check me out at Girl Gone Veggie. I love new readers! I also Tweet up a storm on Twitter. And I’d like to give a big thanks to Emily for letting me guest post! I can’t wait to see wedding pictures!!

Question of the Day: What are some details you’ve noticed at other weddings that you want to use in your wedding some day? Or if you’re already married, what were your favorite special touches from your own wedding?


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  1. Alex @ therunwithin July 19, 2012 at 8:29 am #

    wow what beautiful scenery!

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