Staying Sane with a Busy Schedule

24 Jul

As most of you know, the weeks leading up to the wedding were very busy for me — but you don’t have to be planning a wedding to have a busy schedule! Brittney from Brittney Breathing is here with tips for staying sane when you have a busy schedule. Thanks, Brittney!

Hi there Perfection Isn’t Happy readers! My name is Brittney and I blog at Brittney Breathing about keeping a healthy & active lifestyle while living life to the fullest. I started reading Emily’s blog because of our similar roots (I’m also from Indiana) and our similar interests in life (healthy lifestyle and of course…wedding planning!). With everything I have going on in life (i.e. working out, making healthy meals, taking care of my dog, planning a wedding, working full time, writing a blog and being a student, Integrative Nutrition, – it can become difficult to manage all of these roles and still stay sane. Here are my few tips on managing a busy schedule while still living and healthy and happy life.

1. Schedule your workouts

I’m a huge Google calendar fan and I pretty much schedule each and every aspect of my life, especially workouts. Every Sunday, I sit down and look at the week ahead of me. I make sure my calendar is up to date with any appointments I may have, if I’m staying late at work, if Ryan (my fiance) is gone, etc and then begin scheduling my workouts for each day.

I really enjoy group classes such as Body Pump, RPM, Body Combat, Zumba and Yoga so I look to see when my gym is offering those classes and try to fit them in. If there’s a day when I can’t fit a class I like, I try to schedule in a run or walk with my dog. By planning ahead and making my workout an appointment, I’m less likely to bail out on my workout.

2. Meal plan

Some people love it and some people hate it. I, for one, love it. Meal planning helps keep me sane and helps organize my day so I know how long dinner will take (aka how much free time I will have!). I love cooking, but I’m not the type of person that can just whip something fabulous up at the top of my head. I use Pinterest to pin recipes that I want to try in the future and also have a binder for recipes I print/find in magazines. Every weekend, usually Friday or Saturday, I’ll come up with a few dinner plans for the week according to what else we have going on in the week.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are times when we have a meal planned and then we really don’t feel like making it or we feel like eating something else and we stray away. But most of the time, we stick to the plan since we already have all of the ingredients we need. Meal planning also saves us money too…but that’s a whole other post :). I recently blogged more in depth on how I meal plan if that tickles your fancy.

3. Get enough sleep


I don’t compromise on sleep. With keeping up with my busy schedule, I have to get enough rest for me to be able to function, especially during the work week. If you know you are planning to head to a happy hour one night and know that you will stay out late, try to get to bed a little earlier the night before.

Don’t feel like you have to attend every gathering too. It’s okay to stay in every once in awhile and do something for yourself. Sleep revitalizes you and helps you feel your best so don’t ditch out on it.

4. Prioritize

Really take a look at everything you are involved in with your life. Are you signed up for some things just because a friend asked you to? Do you really enjoy everything that you are involved in right now or are you just doing it because you feel like you have to? Life is short and there is no point in wasting time on tasks that you don’t truly care about. Everything that I am doing right now in life are all things that I choose to do. You just have to learn to say no to the rest.


5. Ask for help


This one is a tough one for me. I hate asking for help. I like the idea of being able to do everything and more for myself and others, but that simply isn’t possible. I finally broke down to Ryan one night once I realized I had too much on my plate. I couldn’t possible cook every meal, walk the dog, work full time, plan a wedding and do my school work every day. He gladly stepped up and has been making more of the meals and doing more of the cleaning around the house which has helped me out tremendously. All I had to do was ask!

I hope you find these tips helpful!

Question: How do you stay sane with a busy schedule?


2 Responses to “Staying Sane with a Busy Schedule”

  1. Alex @ therunwithin July 24, 2012 at 9:21 am #

    I have decided I am going to start meal planning and this weekend will be my first go at it. Thanks for the great tips, I too am a busy person so this is really helpful.

  2. peaceloveandoats July 24, 2012 at 11:10 am #

    I definitely need to work on meal planning, it’s just hard when it’s only me! I don’t have to work with anyone else, but winging it has ended up making my grocery bill too big! And I noticed you don’t take any rest days? I’m a big fan of rest days and recommend at least one a week or you’ll really wear out!

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