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Friday Things

25 May

1. The most exercise I’ve gotten this week is a two mile walk around my subdivision — and that was an accomplishment. I was just glad I made it a whole 30 minutes without having to blow my nose.

2. Speaking of blowing my nose, I have officially gone through three boxes of Kleenex in less than one week. I’ve also used my neti pot more times than I can count. If Jordan no longer finds me attractive, I won’t be offended.

3. Today, I am substitute teaching in fifth grade. Quite the opposite of kindergarten, I’d say. My background is in grades K-3, so I’m anxious to see how it goes.

4. I just finished reading this book. I highly recommend it.

5. I plan on starting this book next. It’s written by a blogger, and I just can’t get enough of her family. Read her blog, at least one time. Her photos will make you melt.

6. Sleep and I have not been friends lately. When you agree to substitute teach, you agree to be on-call during early hours of the morning. Waiting for the phone to ring (or not ring) makes me anxious.

7. I recently learned that my fiancé can do a yoga tripod on cue. I, on the other hand, can barely manage downward dog. I mean, really? Life’s not fair ;).

8. Speaking of yoga, I think it might be time to give it another try. I’ve never been a fan, but it’d be a good way for me to strengthen my arms and abs before the wedding, without the added stress that weight training puts on my body. Bethenny Frankel swears by it… maybe (eventually) I will too?

Do you practice yoga?

How often have you worked out this week?




Lazy day

24 May

I have spent way too much time on the blog today. I forgot how time consuming it can be! My goal was to make some minor changes, and I think I have accomplished that goal. My favorite addition is the cute little twitter button (look right) that I grabbed from Emily at Blogaholic Designs. Thanks, Emily :)!

*   *   *

Before making the decision to fill my day with blogging, I began my morning with a bowl of a cereal and a cup of teeccino.

I won teeccino from Chelsey‘s giveaway a few weeks back, and was pleasantly surprised when I received the goodie in the mail yesterday. I normally drink green tea in the morning, but after trying this hazelnut teecino, I am considering buying it in bulk from their website. Not even exaggerating. I like the taste of coffee, but I don’t like the way I feel after I drink it (shaky, stomachache, headache). This tasted better than coffee, and I didn’t have to prepare myself for any annoying side effects. Herbal coffee is a new winner in my book :).

Paired with a bowl of Quaker Oatmeal Squares- it was a good start to my morning :).

If only the rest of my day had been more productive. I’m feeling pretty lazy today, mostly because I don’t have much of a routine or schedule. One nice thing about being out of school though- I actually have time to read books that I enjoy!

Even though I have now seen Something Borrowed at the movies twice, yes, twice, I still can’t put the book down. There are so many details in the book that the movie doesn’t mention. It’s really just an easy, girlie, summer read. School made me forget how much I like reading (nerd alert).

Since it is now way past noon, and I am still in my pajamas, I think it’s time for me to get moving. The rest of my afternoon will probably feature some bathroom cleaning, a walk outside, and some quality time with the above mentioned book (most likely while soaking up some sun :)). Oh yeah, and I will be job searching too- don’t think that I’ve forgotten about that important detail in growing up!

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Do you prefer coffee or tea?/ Have you ever heard of/tried teeccino?

What are you reading right now?

I’m having an affair

26 Apr

There’s just something about an ink stain on a page,

and a tear in a plastic cover,

that just makes this look like a fake.

Today, I am having an affair with a library book.

And it feels so good.

I just feel like…

25 Jan


Or being 3 years old again. Just for one day?

School has taken over my brain. I was able to fit in a 30-minute session on the Arc Trainer at the gym today, only because I went there toting this in hand.

This book is about as thick as a large cookbook, weighs approximately two pounds, and has print smaller than that of the Bible; I had to hold it with both hands the entire time to read the words clearly.

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

The joys of student life.