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How to Find Your Dream Job

26 Jul

Today, Stephanie from Natural Beauty Mark is here to share her tips for finding your dream job — something that I am still learning to do, and I think you will enjoy her tips too! Thanks, Stephanie!

The hunt for your “dream job” after college can be a very daunting one. I know from experience, because it took me quite a while before I found a career that I am very happy with. My story is quite different than most, but I hope that my experiences will help to motivate and inspire you! There is no reason that just because you are young, you cannot land an awesome job that you will really enjoy!

Like I mentioned, my story is different than most. I went to college and studied what I was absolutely passionate about, which for me is Dance. I could not see myself spending countless hours learning and studying anything else. The thing I get asked most by people is ‘why?’ and my answer is always, ‘Why not?’. My reason for majoring in Dance, is definitely not because I thought I would become rich as a dancer. It was because, I knew that studying this would make my life richer, and it has. What I do now career wise, is a far cry from Dancing 8 hours a day, but I want to tell you how my college career and past experience helped me land this job.

This job I am referring to is a Social Media Strategist within the Travel/Hospitality industry. My job basically allows me to use Facebook and Twitter all day, blog, travel and work from home sometimes as well. Sound pretty awesome? Let me tell you how I got here. (Don’t worry all, I also perform with a Dance Company in San Diego). Here is the brief bullet point list: 

  • Graduated from CSULB in 2009
  • Could not find work in Long Beach, so I moved home to San Diego
  • Worked as a Dance teacher (which I loved) but my hours kept getting cut
  • Found a job as a telemarketer that I hated, but I stuck with it and learned what I could.
    • The company sold websites to REALTORS®
    • I worked my way up and began coaching REALTORS® about online and social advertising.
    • I was just tired all the time, doing the same things over and over, teaching the same things over and over. My life felt like it was repeating day after day!
    • I didn’t even want to wake up in the morning knowing I had to go and be bored for 8 hours a day!

So, I started searching for jobs online in Social Media, because I had enough experience, and I was just so tired of what I was doing. I found the job posting for the job I currently have on http://www.Monster.com! I sent in my resume, and got a phone call 1 hour later. The lady I spoke to, informed me that they received over 200 applications, and mine stood out because most other applicants had no social media experience, just basic marketing. This was in November 2011. Here are the things that helped me land the most incredible job I have ever had!

  1. Persistence – The position was posted in November 2011, but I did not get interviewed until February 2012. I stayed on top of them, I knew I wanted this job and so I just kept reminding them every week that I was still here, waiting for an opportunity.
  2. My Dance Degree- the fact that I majored in something creative was very attractive to them. They needed someone with creativity and spunk for this position. Also, someone very social, and Dance has made me a very open and friendly person.
  3. My Past Experience – When I got hired, they didn’t even know anything about social media, so the fact that I had worked at the previous job that I hated but that taught me how to teach others, was a big selling point.
  4. My Energy – I knew I was right for the position, so I made sure I told them that. I was confident in my skills, and knew I would be a great asset to the team.
  5. My Blog – Yep, my little ‘ole www.NaturalBeautyMark.com blog. I use it to ramble, post reviews, give workout and eating tips, and motivate others! My employer loved what they learned about my personality and writing skills by reading my blog, and that was one of the key factors for them hiring me.

So after months of being persistent, 2 interviews and a phone interview, I finally got the job. I have already traveled to our resorts in Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit and Cancun Mexico. While in Puerto Vallarta, my boyfriend came also, and proposed to me there, so now we are getting married next year, with our honeymoon (in Riviera Nayarit) being paid for by my employer. I am not saying this to brag, just saying that sometimes life throws you curveballs and you have to know how to catch them and throw them back.

Hopefully this will inspire you whether you are a recent college grad, or stuck in a dead end job. There is no reason you need to be unhappy. And even though my ultimate dream would be to dance all day, I have found something that pays my bills and that I love! I have been in your shoes before, and I know what it feels like to be stuck. Just be persistent and don’t give up, and you will be on your way to making your dreams come true as well!  

Stephanie Saum is a Writer, a Social Media Strategist and a Dancer. Her blog, www.NaturalBeautyMark.com, was created in 2011, and is meant to share her own experiences in fitness, wellness and nutrition. Stephanie is also planning her wedding to the love of her life, and they are hoping to eventually become Certified Personal Trainers together.


Life as a Vegetarian

25 Jul

Well, Jordan and I are officially back in Indiana, organizing our life as newlyweds. While I’m unpacking and getting used to my new routine, my sister Molly, from This Life is Sparkling, is here to share her story. Thanks, Mol! Enjoy!

Hello, Perfection Isn’t Happy readers! My name is Molly, and I blog on over at This Life Is Sparkling. Oh, and I’m also Emily’s little sister 😉 On my blog you can find me talking about anything from food (specifically veggies and froyo), my daily weekly Starbucks adventures, my obsession with Taylor Swift, and my love for all things fitness.

I like to dress up and pretend I’m her. jk….kinda.

Today I thought I’d talk about something that may be pretty common among the food and healthy living blogging community: being a vegetarian while living with omnivores.

Two years ago, I made the decision to stop eating meat. It wasn’t necessarily because I had a passion for animals, but more for health benefits. I first became interested in vegetarianism after reading Alicia Silverstone’s book, The Kind Diet. Although her book talks about vegan eating, I was still intrigued to change the way I was eating, although I knew I wasn’t quite ready to give up my weekly ice cream and frozen yogurt. Maybe someday though… 😉

full-fat ice cream=worth it occasionally 😉

When I first decided to become a vegetarian, I started to cook. A lot. I asked to make dinner for my family, and bought a few cookbooks to try out. I found a new passion of mine, and have loved cooking and baking ever since.

Everyone else in my immediate family eats meat. So when I started cooking meals for them, I thought this might be an issue. I no longer wanted to eat meat, so why would I want to touch it and cook it for other people? I knew that wasn’t an option. So what did I do? I got them to eat healthy, 100% meat-free meals.

one of my favorites: stuffed spaghetti squash!

At first, I’m honestly not sure how they felt about eating this way. There were times that they left the table a little hungry because they were so used to having meat. Slowly, over the months, they enjoyed the meals more and more (or that’s what they told me anyway… ;)) and to this day, all of my family, even my dad!, eats less meat.

My sister (Emily) rarely eats much meat anymore, and mostly enjoys fish. My mom now doesn’t enjoy the taste of meat, and when she orders it somewhere, she usually regrets getting it in the first place since she’s not used to eating it!

When I became a vegetarian, it was no way my intention to convert my family as well. They still enjoy meat sometimes, and I’m okay with that. I can say that because of my dietary changes, we all eat a little healthier around here and I have gotten them to enjoy a variety of vegetables. I’m proud that I was able to share my knowledge of healthy eating with the ones I love. If you have a similar situation at home, don’t think that your family will think you’re “weird” for eating a certain way. Who knows, maybe you can get them to start eating that way too 😉

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, does your family support you?

If you’re a meat-eater, would you mind eating vegetarian meals if someone cooked them for you?

Thank you, Em for letting me write for you as you enjoy your honeymoon with Jordy! I know you two are having a blast in Hawaii<3

Peace and Love,


Staying Sane with a Busy Schedule

24 Jul

As most of you know, the weeks leading up to the wedding were very busy for me — but you don’t have to be planning a wedding to have a busy schedule! Brittney from Brittney Breathing is here with tips for staying sane when you have a busy schedule. Thanks, Brittney!

Hi there Perfection Isn’t Happy readers! My name is Brittney and I blog at Brittney Breathing about keeping a healthy & active lifestyle while living life to the fullest. I started reading Emily’s blog because of our similar roots (I’m also from Indiana) and our similar interests in life (healthy lifestyle and of course…wedding planning!). With everything I have going on in life (i.e. working out, making healthy meals, taking care of my dog, planning a wedding, working full time, writing a blog and being a student, Integrative Nutrition, – it can become difficult to manage all of these roles and still stay sane. Here are my few tips on managing a busy schedule while still living and healthy and happy life.

1. Schedule your workouts

I’m a huge Google calendar fan and I pretty much schedule each and every aspect of my life, especially workouts. Every Sunday, I sit down and look at the week ahead of me. I make sure my calendar is up to date with any appointments I may have, if I’m staying late at work, if Ryan (my fiance) is gone, etc and then begin scheduling my workouts for each day.

I really enjoy group classes such as Body Pump, RPM, Body Combat, Zumba and Yoga so I look to see when my gym is offering those classes and try to fit them in. If there’s a day when I can’t fit a class I like, I try to schedule in a run or walk with my dog. By planning ahead and making my workout an appointment, I’m less likely to bail out on my workout.

2. Meal plan

Some people love it and some people hate it. I, for one, love it. Meal planning helps keep me sane and helps organize my day so I know how long dinner will take (aka how much free time I will have!). I love cooking, but I’m not the type of person that can just whip something fabulous up at the top of my head. I use Pinterest to pin recipes that I want to try in the future and also have a binder for recipes I print/find in magazines. Every weekend, usually Friday or Saturday, I’ll come up with a few dinner plans for the week according to what else we have going on in the week.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are times when we have a meal planned and then we really don’t feel like making it or we feel like eating something else and we stray away. But most of the time, we stick to the plan since we already have all of the ingredients we need. Meal planning also saves us money too…but that’s a whole other post :). I recently blogged more in depth on how I meal plan if that tickles your fancy.

3. Get enough sleep


I don’t compromise on sleep. With keeping up with my busy schedule, I have to get enough rest for me to be able to function, especially during the work week. If you know you are planning to head to a happy hour one night and know that you will stay out late, try to get to bed a little earlier the night before.

Don’t feel like you have to attend every gathering too. It’s okay to stay in every once in awhile and do something for yourself. Sleep revitalizes you and helps you feel your best so don’t ditch out on it.

4. Prioritize

Really take a look at everything you are involved in with your life. Are you signed up for some things just because a friend asked you to? Do you really enjoy everything that you are involved in right now or are you just doing it because you feel like you have to? Life is short and there is no point in wasting time on tasks that you don’t truly care about. Everything that I am doing right now in life are all things that I choose to do. You just have to learn to say no to the rest.


5. Ask for help


This one is a tough one for me. I hate asking for help. I like the idea of being able to do everything and more for myself and others, but that simply isn’t possible. I finally broke down to Ryan one night once I realized I had too much on my plate. I couldn’t possible cook every meal, walk the dog, work full time, plan a wedding and do my school work every day. He gladly stepped up and has been making more of the meals and doing more of the cleaning around the house which has helped me out tremendously. All I had to do was ask!

I hope you find these tips helpful!

Question: How do you stay sane with a busy schedule?

Money Managed Easy

23 Jul

Recently, I have fallen in love with Joanna’s blog, Things After the Rings. She describes how it really feels after you say “I do,” and I can’t wait to keep up with her blog after I’m married. Today, she is here to talk about simple ways to manage money successfully. I know we can all learn from this one! Thanks, Joanna!

Hi there, I’m Joanna and I blog about life as a twenty-something newlywed over at Things After the Rings.

 In a recent post, Emily mentioned concerns about moving out and paying bills and things. Since I pretty much have a mortgage in student loan debt, I was motivated early to focus on my finances and have learned a lot in the last four years.

 Here are some basic tips I’d give to someone just starting out on their own:


  1. Budget is not a bad word.  A budget is a spending plan.  Take the amount of money you bring in each month, subtract all of your bills, and then come up with a game plan to spend the rest of the money including what you want to spend in the future (ie savings). Keep an eye on it as the month goes on. It’s that simple. 


  1. Never go to the grocery store without a list. You will spend a lot of money and not have anything to eat. To make a fail-proof list, figure out how many dinners you’ll need (think about whether you’ll be out some nights), make a list of everything you need for those meals.  Figure out how many lunches you need too and then make a plan for those too. Add some breakfast items, some things you can take for snacks.  You’re good. Happy shopping!


  1. The first year I lived on my own I bought breakfast and lunch multiple days a week.  Ugh!  I cringe to think about how much money I wasted doing that…hundreds of dollars, I’m sure! To prevent this: make dinners that serve 4. Pack the leftovers for lunch. Tip number two will help with this.


  1. Automate your bill paying.  You can do this through your bank and then you won’t have to worry about making payments on time.  It will be taken care of for you.  All you have to do is make sure there’s enough money in your account when the debits are made and your spending plan will help with that so you’re all set.


  1. Ideal mantra for your credit card: What happens in the month is paid for in the month.


    1. If that doesn’t work, and sometimes it won’t, here’s another mantra: always pay more than the minimum.


  1. This is a learning curve so don’t be too hard on yourself if your budget isn’t perfect the first time around.


  1. If you have debt, play around with this loan calculator to see how you can accelerate paying off credit card debt, student loans, or car loans. I just found this about 6 months ago and I wish I would’ve known about it sooner.


My favorite money resources*:


I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi and his blog with the same name


Dave Ramsey—I haven’t read any of his books but I love his radio show, especially debt-free Friday.


*I was not compensated in any way by mentioning these resources, they are just sources I highly recommend.


What are your favorite money tips?

What money lessons did you learn the hard way?

Guide to Job Hunting from a Failed Job Hunter

21 Jul

Three more days of the honeymoon are left! It’s also the day before my birthday, and I hope that I’m soaking up some rays! Today, a reader of mine, Dana, is here to share some job hunting tips with you. Welcome her to this little blog world, and enjoy!

I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but the job market right now is tough. If you’re about to graduate, or looking for a new job, then you’re going to need a good strategy. I graduated with my bachelor’s on December 17, 2011 and have been actively looking for a job since September 2011. I did take on a small internship, but the fish are not biting for me! I have learned a few things:

1. Don’t get bogged down on internships. They may not be as valuable as you may think. It may be a better use of your time in college to just work a part-time job instead of dedicating time to an internship in a busy office that won’t have time to teach you anything, so you just spend time making copies (this happened to me). Potential employers look for people that have useful experience, and you may get more value out of working at the mall. Just because “Community Fundraising and Development Intern” sounds better to you than “sales associate – seasonal” does not mean that an employer will be impressed.

2. Think outside the box with your degree. Your degree name does not have to equate to your job title. If you decide you want to do something, find out how to get into it. Whether it is Master’s programs or certification classes, there are ways to get to your goal if it actually matters to you. Be aware, this will take patience. Colleges have application deadlines, prerequisites, and start dates and certification classes may not be offered frequently in your area.

3. Be wary of vague job descriptions with job search websites. Companies with names like “Sphere Management Group” or “InStore Solutions” have job postings that describe the “exciting direct marketing opportunity” that they can give you. Both of these companies emailed me within hours of submitting my resume (which should raise a red flag for everyone, even if you are awesome). These jobs basically entail talking to people in various settings trying to get them to sign up for some type of service (not listed on their website, you have to get a phone interview to find this out). Anyone ever been accosted in Best Buy to get DirectTV? That is these companies. They do pay well if you can do that type of job.

4. I don’t recommend posting a resume on job search websites. I only ever got spam. If you do, definitely remove your address and phone number. Just use your judgment to make sure you stay safe when sharing all of your data.

5. If a certain amount of time has passed between your graduation/last job and an interview, the interviewer will ask you what you have been doing with your time. It is hard, but you should try to do something worthwhile. Volunteer. Get a part-time job (which is tough when you’re looking for a real job – I was in an interview where I was asked how long before I would quit for a better job). Take a class through a community college. Train yourself to get some type of certification. As much fun as watching Breaking Bad or Mad Men may be, it won’t be a good response when someone actually does phone you up.

6. Funny tip: be aware of what you write down in your applications. I graduated with cum laude honors and a website wouldn’t let me write that because of “inappropriate words”. I just changed it to cum_laude.

7. Obvious, but take the interview seriously! In my interview with Sphere Management Group, the interviewer got caught in traffic and was 30 minutes late. I stayed to wait and was basically offered the job because I was patient with him. Of course, I saw it was a terrible job for me (see #3), but I got moved onto the 2nd phase of the interview.

8. Try to avoid getting angered by the whole process. I’ve had to fill out the same job application numerous times. The various “15-minute” KSAO tests (knowledge, skills, abilities, other) do not take only 15 minutes. As poorly designed as the tests may seem to be, they do matter to that particular human resource department. It’s important to be patient when applying for jobs. If you’re getting frustrated, take a coffee break.

 What have you learned in your job search processes? What are your failures (and successes!)?

Experiencing the First Year of Marriage

20 Jul

Can you believe that it’s already Friday, and I’ve almost been married for one whole week? I’m guessing that’s what I’m thinking right about now ;), but since I’m still away, Cinnamon from eatPRAYtri is here to talk to you about married life. Thanks, Cinnamon!

Hello to all of Emily’s readers! My name is Cinnamon and I blog over at eatPRAYtri about lots of different things mostly centering around family, faith, food and five K’s! How’s that for some alliteration? 🙂

When Emily put the call out for some guest posters and knowing that reason she needed guest posters was to cover while she was off getting married, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity (as a newlywed myself) to talk about what my first year of marriage has been like, the things I have learned and all the ups and downs in between.

Just to give a little bit of background, I “met” Paul online, we had our first date on Aug 20th, 2010, we got engaged on Christmas Eve and married on June 10th, 2011. We didn’t even know each other a year before we were married!

Granted, Paul and I are both “older”. Translation- mid 30’s. 🙂 We both had quite a bit of life experience and had matured to the point that we had a good understanding of who we were and what we wanted out of a relationship. We also had a lot in common, similar sense of humor and were at the same place with regards to our faith. All of that together and it only took about four months for us to know that we would be partners for life.

Our first year of marriage is pretty easy to sum up in one word….fantastic. I know the common cliche phrase is “the first year of marriage is the hardest” and I guess I could see why people say that, but honestly this year has been pretty stinkin’ great. Here’s a few of the things I have taken away from this year…some expected, some not.

It’s fun
To have someone who laughs with you, shares in silly jokes with you, shares experiences with you and allows you to let your guard down is great. Getting to spend the majority of your day with your best friend is really just like nothing I have ever experienced before.

You are extremely vulnerable and exposed
Paul and I didn’t live together before we were married. Transitioning from both of us living on our own and then to be in each others “space” pretty much 24/7, all of “you” is exposed. Insecurities, laziness, selfishness, quirks…all of those things now have a witness. Someone else is there seeing those things in all their glory and it can be humbling, embarrassing and well, scary. All of who you really are is revealed when you share a life with someone. It can be painful at times, but in my opinion, what it really does is knit you all the closer together because you have such intimate knowledge of each other. It’s quite beautiful.

Communication is key
I definitely don’t think I am the first person to realize this, but its true, true, true. Even the smallest things, we bring up with each other. We talk it out. Not letting things sit and stew is so powerful. Often times its a miss-communication or misunderstanding abut something trivial. If we didn’t talk it out, who knows where it might go…

We have done quite a bit of “work” on our marriage already! Bringing two imperfect people into a permanent relationship and expecting perfection is just silly. It takes work! It’s not all rainbows and butterflies and having the knowledge, tools and resources to deal with situations as they come up is essential. The earlier we know these things the better, so we have both committed to maintaining constant study and diligence to make sure we are on the right path when it comes to our commitment to each other. Highly recommend: Love and Respect by Emerson and Sarah Eggerichs and What did you Expect by Paul Tripp.

The name change process isn’t that bad!
Maybe I just had a great experience, but I didn’t really run into any issues when changing my name in all of the various places it needed to be changed. The marriage license is really the key document. If you have that, no biggie. Just get a lot of copies. If anything, the time it takes to make sure everything is updated is really the biggest “problem”. I would also say it took a good six months before I stopped typing and signing my maiden name. When you have a name for as long as I did before changing it, its a hard habit to break!

Last but not least…its fun to say “My husband”! Since we were older when we got together, I always felt awkward saying “my boyfriend this….and my boyfriend that…” Saying “my husband” when referring to him was just downright more fun to say and I admit, sometimes I would say it even if it wasn’t totally necessary. It’s silly, but true!!

I’m sure I could go on and on about other things that I have learned or experienced from my first year of marriage, but I think the above covers the major ones. I would love to hear of others who have been married for longer than a year what you took away from that first year. Or if you aren’t married, what are you looking forward to or worried about experiencing in that first year of marriage?

A Beautiful Summer Wedding

19 Jul

Thanks so much to Erin from Girl Gone Veggie for guest posting while I’m gone. She is newly engaged, and before we know it, it will be her big day too!

Hey everyone! I’m guest posting for Emily today while she is otherwise preoccupied with planning the finishing touches for her wedding/ getting married/ enjoying her honeymoon in Hawaii! I know it will be an absolutely beautiful day and I am so excited for her and Jordan! Congratulations on such a big, exciting step in your life Emily! I thought since everyone loves weddings it would be fun to do a post on a recent wedding I went to. I’m always looking for ideas for my future wedding at other people’s weddings and the one I went to recently with my boyfriend gave me so much inspiration!

For a little bit more about me first, my name is Erin, I’m a 21-year-old marketing major in college, and a vegetarian. I became a vegetarian a little over a year ago after looking to pursue a healthier lifestyle and become more informed about what I eat and how it affects my body. I blog about my eats, fitness, college, my life, my puppies, my boyfriend, and lots of other random stuff over at Girl Gone Veggie.

Josh (my boyfriend) and I traveled to Connecticut in the middle of June for one of his childhood friend’s weddings. Josh and Katie (the bride) have been friend’s sine pre-school! I was so excited to meet some of his oldest friends and for the two of us to be able to dress up for the occasion! I love cute summer dresses. 😀

The wedding was held in Edgerton Park and it was one of the most breathtaking backdrops for a wedding I had ever seen. It was so beautiful and intimate and I loved how the wedding was in front of a huge tree and gorgeous hydrangea bushes! They’re my second favorite flower, after peonies! I also thought the white chairs were such a nice touch. As the bride and groom walked back down the aisle after the ceremony we all threw rose petals on them, it was really beautiful.

They had a harpist and flutist playing for the guests before the ceremony and while the bride walked down the aisle. It was very romantic and created such a nice atmosphere. At my wedding I’d love to have a piano and cello play something like this:

How amazing would it be to walk down the aisle to something like that?

After the ceremony there was a cocktail hour with some of the most amazing hors d’oeuvres I’ve ever had at a wedding. There were veggie spring rolls, veggie pot stickers, gazpacho shooters, stuffed mushrooms, and the most amazing cheese spread ever. I was in love with the cranberry brie with apple slices. It was so delicious! I also just loved how the cheese looked displayed on a big cutting block. It was rustic yet elegant which I really found beautiful.

There were also grilled breads, bean dips, and veggie salads. I made sure to ask who the caterers were because I was so blown away and it was Jordan Caterers. They were absolutely phenomenal.

After the cocktail hour it was time to celebrate! I love how the reception was under a big white tent in the park. They got really lucky for the beautiful weather that they had! I would be a nervous wreck if I had an outdoor wedding that it would rain.

The inside of the tent was decorated beautifully. I would like to have some things hanging from the top of the tent to give it a little more color. Also, at this wedding there was no assigned seating which I can’t decide if I like or if I don’t. I would really like to assign people places to sit just for order and practicality (and because I’m extremely type A) but if it would make the guests unhappy then I wouldn’t want to do that.

I loved the floral centerpieces. The balls in the vase lit up as it got dark out!

The drink station was adorable. I loved how the wedding colors were tied into the drink tags and ribbon. I’d love to fill pitchers like that with fresh sangria and mint juleps!

A huge spread of delicious food with a carving station at the end. I like the idea of a buffet because then people could eat as much as they want and try different things. I think my ideal wedding would have different food stations for guests to visit that way there is never a line and people are up and moving.

The beautiful cake. I love the decoration on it, for a cake topper I think I’d love an initial for our last name. I love the look of this cake I found online.

Along with the cake there was an amazing Italian cookie spread. Omg I ate so many of these, they were delicious. I’m normally a huge wedding cake person but I couldn’t tear myself away from the cookies! I loved the idea of giving guests options. A cookie bar is so fun!

There was also coffee and tea to end the night which I thought was a nice touch. I’d like to do hot toddies, cookies, and sparklers by way of a send off. 😀

It was such a fun night. I got to meet some of Josh’s oldest friends and we had the best time dancing to the perfect wedding DJ. He played the best mixture of old and new songs with tons of big band. (My favorite to dance to!)

If you’d like to read more about my journey going vegetarian, fun trips I’ve taken, or just random posts about my life feel free to check me out at Girl Gone Veggie. I love new readers! I also Tweet up a storm on Twitter. And I’d like to give a big thanks to Emily for letting me guest post! I can’t wait to see wedding pictures!!

Question of the Day: What are some details you’ve noticed at other weddings that you want to use in your wedding some day? Or if you’re already married, what were your favorite special touches from your own wedding?