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Honeymoon Recap, Part 6: My 24th Birthday

7 Aug

On Sunday, July 22, I turned 24-years-old…and I just happened to be in Hawaii (which I did not take for granted — I’m sure that was a once in a lifetime thing!). I woke up to a birthday card on the comforter, courtesy of my new husband. I heard him rustling around before I got up, and sure enough, he was filling out my card :). He told me that I could choose what we did that day, so the first thing that we did was go to breakfast. We upgraded to the all you can eat breakfast buffet, and I ate plenty. I’m not normally a juice drinker, but that guava juice (the pink stuff) was so good!

After breakfast, we went to the gym for a run. He doesn’t enjoy working out as much as I do, but he enjoyed the treadmill TVs and didn’t complain at all :)! After a good run, we hung out by the pool for a while, before going to the spa! Jordan booked a couples’ massage, a new experience for both of us.

Before the massage, we each hung out in separate locker rooms. I sat in the hot tub and steam room for a little while, and then we were off to another room for our massages. Honestly, I wasn’t too thrilled with my masseuse. I was sore from my run and I wish that she would’ve used more pressure, but I’m guessing she was gentle since I told her that it was my first massage. That hour just flew by, and after filling up on some chocolate covered macadamia nuts and fruit-infused water (lunch of champions), we were back to hanging out at the pool before dinner.

That night, we went out for a sushi dinner and Haagen-Daz ice cream.

It was the perfect ending to my birthday! And it’s okay that I didn’t have a cake, I celebrated with my family the weekend after we got back from vacation, and got to make a wish then :).

I only have one honeymoon recap left, so if you’re getting sick of them, the end is near :). Have a great Tuesday!

How did you/will celebrate your birthday this year?


Honeymoon Recap, Part 4: Under the Sea

3 Aug

At the end of my last honeymoon post, I left you with a picture of a sea turtle. If you guessed that our next adventure was snorkeling, then you guessed right — well, sort of! On Thursday morning, Jordan and I got up bright and early to drive to Makena for a 7:15 am kayaking and snorkeling trip. I have a fear of sharks, and was nervous about the trip, but I knew that I needed to overcome my fear and do it for Jordan (funny enough, I’m the one who booked the trip :)).

Unlike a typical snorkel trip on a big boat, this kayak and snorkel trip was just us, a family of four and two tour guides, in the middle of the ocean in kayaks.

Jordan and I shared a kayak, and paddled out to our first location with the rest of our group. Once at our first location, we put on our snorkel gear while sitting in our kayaks, then got in the water to explore.

This particular area is known for sea turtles, and several swam right underneath us while we were in the water! Jordan also held a sea urchin.

 I passed on that one :).

After swimming around our first location, we got back in our kayaks, paddled across the ocean some more, and went to another snorkeling spot. This continued for about 2 hours. Though it was fun, I felt seasick every time we anchored our kayaks and were floating on the waves. I know for next time, take Dramamine when kayaking in the ocean! Our trip was actually cut short because one of our guides was feeling sick, but it ended up being the perfect amount of time for me, since I was feeling nauseous. After our tour, our group ate lunch on the beach, and then we were on our way. 

We explored another beach in Makena, after hearing it had some of the bluest water in Maui.

Once we got back to where we were staying, we spent the afternoon lounging by the poolside bar and soaking up the sun.

Not for too long, though, because we had to get ready for our next big event of the day — a luau!

We went to ‘The Feast at Lele’ luau, right on the water in Lahaina. Jordan and I had a table for two with our own waiter (rather than buffet-style), which made for a romantic setting. We were served a five-course meal representing all of the Hawaiian cultures, and while we ate, we watched the show.

Just one of the five courses!

They also had an open bar, and they came to take our drink order with every course that was served. Neither of us are big drinkers, so we had to pace ourselves!

By the end of the night, I thought Jordan was going to have to roll me out of there because we’d eaten so much food! It was a very cool experience though; everything took place right on the beach, and we had a perfect view.

To avoid feeling bloated from the night before, I began the next morning with a 3 mile run (while watching ‘Boy Meets World’ — I loved those treadmills!),

and then we were off on our next adventure — this time, high in the sky.

Do you know what we were up to next :)? I’ll be back with the next recap on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Have you ever snorkeled?

Are you more of a beach person or a pool person — or both?




Honeymoon Recap, Part 3: Rest and Relaxation

1 Aug

When I ended part 2 of this honeymoon series, Jordan and I were just going to bed after a very long day of traveling. Though our jet lag seemed to come in waves throughout the trip, we were still able to muster up enough energy to get us through our relaxing and adventure-filled days.

We had to rearrange some of our activities when we arrived in Maui because of the flight changes, but we were able to have a complete day of relaxation on our first day there, which is exactly what we needed. We started the day with an ocean view breakfast, included in our honeymoon package (it saved us from buying breakfast from expensive restaurants every morning – definitely a plus).

the view

Breakfast was one of my favorite parts of the day, because the resort area wasn’t too crowded yet, and we were able to relax and enjoy each other’s company. On some days, we had to leave the resort right after breakfast for one of our scheduled activities, but on the first day, we had the whole day to ourselves. Soon after breakfast, we took a walk along the boardwalk, and then we hit the beach.

This view never got old.

As you might be able to tell from the way Jordan has his hat covering his entire face ;), the sun would eventually get too hot to handle. We split our time between the water and the sand, before taking a break for lunch.

We ate at Leilani’s, a bar and grill right on the beach, where the food was amazing. I wish we would’ve had the chance to go back one more time before leaving, but when we tried to go back for dinner, the wait was a little too long.

We also did a little shopping at Whaler’s Village, an outdoor mall within walking distance of our resort.

This was one of my favorite places to walk around when we couldn’t stand the sun at the beach or pool anymore. Jordan was a good sport; he may or may not have been rewarded with Haagen-Daz on multiple occasions ;).

We learned that the pools are much less crowded in the evening, so we usually spent some time there before heading to dinner — and that is exactly what we did on our first full day there.

Jordan could stand the cool pool water longer than I could :).

Dinner that night was at Lahaina Grill in Old Lahaina Town, recommended to us by another couple on our flight to Maui. It was a little bit more fancy than what we were expecting, but the food was excellent.

Especially the dessert (ice cream pie made with Kona coffee ice cream)! You may notice that splitting dessert became a habit of ours. It’s okay, though; we were on our honeymoon ;).

That first day was over in the blink of an eye. We had an early wake-up call the following morning, because we were going on an adventure, the first of several.

Can you guess what we did :)?

Honeymoon Recap, Part 2: The Resort

31 Jul

So where did I leave off? Oh yeah, I had just thrown a fit in the airport ;). The good news is, everything was basically uphill from there. We did have to make a few calls to our travel agent (thank goodness for Travel Leaders), but they were able to extend our stay and change our return flight without any additional charges. If you’re traveling anytime soon, I definitely recommend using a travel agent and purchasing traveler’s insurance — without insurance, we would’ve lost a whole day of vacation after we’d already paid for it!

After the travel agent worked out the details for us (thank you, Michelle!), we were back at the airport, and finally on the plane. As I said before, because of all of the changes, we were upgraded to first class! We were newbies to first class and felt a little funny, but we enjoyed drinking from real glasses and eating a good meal.


Our entire day of travel was about 14 hours, and we had a time change at nearly every stop, so by the time we got to Maui, I was happy to be on the ground, but ready for a nap. Fortunately, my excitement started to kick in and got me through the rest of the day. Around 2:30 p.m. Hawaii time, we got off the plane, made a quick pit stop at Starbucks, and we’re greeted with (very pretty!) leis before grabbing our luggage.

Since we flew first class, our luggage was the first to come out, which was such a relief. There’s always a fear of losing something along the way! Picking up the rental car was not as speedy. For 30 minutes, they tried to convince us to upgrade to a Jeep or convertible (“because it makes the experience so much better”), but we stuck to our guns and ended up perfectly content with our Ford Fusion. Actually — our car had major problems on the way to the hotel and they had to bring us a tow truck and a new car — but that was the last of the unfortunate events :).

Once we finally arrived at our hotel, I was so happy to be there. We stayed at the Westin Maui Resort & Spa in Ka’anapali. It had an open air lobby, and I was immediately impressed by the views.

The view from our room was just as pretty, and we didn’t wait too long before changing into our bathing suits and exploring the resort grounds!

We decided we were too tired to swim that night, but we did check out the pools, the koi pond, the outdoor and indoor workout rooms, and the beach.

After exploring for a while, we realized that it was already beginning to get dark outside, and it wasn’t even 7:00 p.m. — one of the biggest differences from Indiana, where at this time of year, it doesn’t get dark until 10:00 p.m.

That evening, my body was confused by the time difference, and I didn’t know whether to eat, sleep, or explore some more. We decided we’d both feel better if we ate dinner, so we went to the hotel’s restaurant, ‘OnO Bar & Grill. I had the fish tacos, quite possibly my favorite dish of the whole trip.

And since we were on our honeymoon, we just had to split dessert. We shared the macadamia fudge pie, which was amazing. So amazing, that we went back for it two more times while in Maui.

We also visited ‘OnO a couple of more times on our trip. The prices were reasonable, it was a 2 minute walk from our room, and there was a never a wait since it was primarily for hotel guests. We quickly learned that most restaurants require reservations, and the food is not cheap in Hawaii (but it’s so, so good).

On our first night, we went to bed at 9:30 and woke up at 6:30. Even though we were still dragging a little, I think we did a pretty good job of adjusting to the time difference! The next day, our first full day on the island, was dedicated solely to relaxing. Our Hawaiian adventures were just beginning :).

To be continued…