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Organized home, organized life

15 Oct

I have this theory. I have this theory that an organized home equals an organized life. Is it really possible to even pretend to enjoy doing homework while staring at clutter and a layer of dust on a desk, anyway? I don’t think so. So the fact that I was sick for, basically, the greater part of September and the beginning of October, was driving me crazy. My room was unorganized, and so was my life.

I also have this dry erase board. On one side is a calendar, and the other, a section for notes. I keep all of my scheduled plans on the calendar side, and my daily “to do” lists on the other. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that “clean room” was featured on my list for a couple (maybe more :/) weeks. I blame it on my upper-respiratory problems.

Until today. Today I erased “clean room” from my list. This makes me happy, not only because I get the satisfaction of erasing something from my seemingly never ending list, but also because I can now prove my theory: organized home, organized life.

I’m feeling calmer already :).