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Friday Things

10 Aug

1. I am so intrigued by the new TLC show, “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” And by intrigued, I mean, I don’t know whether to cover my eyes and cry, or stare at the screen in shock. I just don’t know…

2. I made a mistake in last week’s post. I didn’t start my half marathon plan this week, because I actually start it next Monday, the 13th. On Wednesday, I went to Athletic Annex to get properly fitted for new running shoes. After walking around barefoot and running in front of guy who has 8 marathons under his belt (very helpful, but a little intimidating, I must say), I now have my first pair of Brooks, and I’m ready to start training!

3. First, it was Gabby Douglas’ hair (too messy?), then it was Lolo Jone’s physique (too sexy?), and now it is McKayla Maroney’s body language.


Yes, in that split second, she looks ungrateful, but should we be so hard on her? She’s 16-years-old. She’s tired. She worked her butt off for her entire life only to be that close to the gold medal, and then she didn’t get it. Give her a break. It seems like everyone has something to say about female Olympians. What about the boys?

4. Yesterday, my mom, sisters and I went back to paint pottery for the second time this summer. I can’t believe that the last time we were there was at my bachelorette party — 7 weeks ago! This summer flew right by.

5. Yesterday, I baked this. Feel free to drool over the recipe, or make it yourself this weekend.

6. I have a self-cleaning oven. Yesterday, when making the above recipe, butter spilled all over the bottom of my oven, and it needed to be cleaned. So, my apartment is currently filled with smoke, my eyes are burning, and I’m just waiting for the two hour cleaning process to be over. I don’t know how smokers live in apartments. They must constantly live in a fog.

7. Today is my grocery shopping day, and I’m really looking forward to it. Does that make me weird?

8. I’ve been making dinner for Jordan nearly every night since we’ve been home. He hasn’t complained about any of the meals yet, but he did say that he was very impressed by my baked barbecue chicken. If only he knew how easy it was (Weber Grill barbecue sauce + Emeril’s Essence)! I guess I’ll be making that again :).

8. I checked out this book from the library on Wednesday, and I have yet to open it. I think I’ll make that change while I sit and make sure that my kitchen doesn’t set on fire.

Have a good weekend!