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Give yourself a break

4 Aug

Good morning, blog friends! I have a late afternoon meeting at work today, so I’m going in a little later. The trade off is that I will be getting home a little later, but that’s okay- I have time to blog :)!

I currently have oatmeal cooking the stove, something I haven’t made in weeks because of time constraints. I’m sipping my tea rather than slurping it down and burning my tongue, and I’m all ready to go to work when I finish eating. Maybe I really am getting the hang of this routine!

One thing I have noticed since I’ve started my job is that I’m falling back into my perfectionist ways. When I was in school, I put a lot of pressure on myself to write the best papers, get the best exam grades, and have a good GPA at the end of each semester. Even though I’m not technically getting graded for my work anymore, I still feel that I am.

I work at a company where profit is based on page views. As part of my daily routine, I have to check my page views and see how my articles are doing. Obviously some stories will always do better than others just based on the subject, but I am still stressing myself out about writing “the best” material. Of course that isn’t always attainable, leading me to suffer one too many tension headaches at the end of each day.

I have to remind myself that it’s only my second week- I really need to relax and give myself a break.

So, today I’m going to try my best to let go of the need for perfection, and just do the best that I can. I’ll even take a short lunch break, something I’ve been skipping (I eat at my desk) for the sake of getting all my work done.

My oatmeal is ready, so I’m going to eat and then head into work.

Chocolate oatmeal this morning…yum!

It’s almost Friday! Enjoy your day!

Do you put too much pressure on yourself at work or at school?


I realize

30 Apr

…that my blogging skills have not been up to par lately.

…that you are probably tired of my (as Mama Pea would put it) pissing and moaning.

….that slapping a camera phone picture of a book into a blog post and writing a few sentences about it cannot exactly be considered high quality material.

BUT…just bear with me a little longer. This is my very.last.weekend as a college student.

Next Friday, at approximately 11:30am, I will be free.


And together, we will celebrate (perhaps with a giveaway?) :).

One of those days

4 Apr

Over the past 24 hours, I’ve kind of been having an “it’s one of those days” moment kind of day. It all started with a group project. Nothing is ever good when the words “group project” are the in the sentence. Why? Because somehow the “group” part of the phrase always gets completely ignored, and it ends up being “my” project. I spent the majority of the weekend working on said project, and by yesterday afternoon, I thought I was going to drop my class and take the “W” on my transcript for “Withdraw.” Thankfully I came to my senses and did no such thing. But I did work so intently that I forgot to eat lunch. By the time I looked at the clock it was 3:30, and I had not eaten since breakfast. Not good, Emily, not good. I resorted to the easiest lunch possible.

Quaker Oatmeal Squares in a pool of coconut milk, and apples sprinkled with a ton of cinnamon. I crave carbs when I’m stressed out with schoolwork. At least I chose healthy ones yesterday 🙂 .

My studying took me up to dinner, and at that time I declared that I was done. Or so I thought. A group member called me at 11pm, when I was already in bed. We discussed the project for 15 minutes, leaving me awake past my bedtime. I had to get up early to come into school to work on (what else?) the group project, so this morning was not a fun one. More carbs required.

I burnt my bagel in the toaster oven.  I ate it anyway.

I arrived twenty minutes late to our group meeting, and as I arrived, I actually said aloud, “Isn’t it okay that I’m late? I already did all of the work anyway.” Yeah, out loud. I’m sure my group just loves me.

One of my group members had yet to do her part at 10:00am. Our presentation was at noon.

By some miracle, and one group member skipping his first class to help said group member, who shall remain nameless, everything was completed. I am so glad that darn project is done.

Now I get to look forward to the one due at the end of the semester. I am just thrilled to tell you that I was assigned to the same group members :).

(Not really). I need some chocolate.

A fairy tale (of sorts)

17 Feb

I just scored a 76% on an online exam. I feel the need to tell you, because my perfectionism is getting the best of me. I am really hoping think that when I look back on this five years from now, I will laugh and realize how insignificant a 76% is in comparison to the rest of life, but right now, I’m kicking myself for not scoring at least a B. Seriously though, do professors really think that students only take one class a semester: theirs? My syllabus looked like this (for one week, for one class): read two chapters, write (four page) paper (with research/citations), begin group  portfolio project (I find group projects completely annoying, especially for online classes!), take exam (due Thursday by 11:45 pm). Then I opened up the exam instructions and it read: “make sure you have thoroughly studied the content, and be prepared to answer the questions within a time limit.” When did I have time to “thoroughly study the content”? Unless I brought my book into the shower with me this morning (which I did not) or read while I was driving home from my internship (which I also did not do), I’m not really not sure. I took the darn exam anyway. And got a 76%. I need a vacation. Or a graduation ;).

If you’re not a perfectionist book nerd who complains about grades, like me (yes, I am calling myself out), then perhaps a Valentine’s Day story will spark your interest. Jordan finally sent me the slightly blurry photos from his Droid, so I can tell you about Monday night :). How bout in fairy tale form? Sure, why not.

A Valentine’s Recap

Once upon a time (This is feeling kind of cheesy already..), Girl meets Boy.

Girl and Boy fall in love… yada yada yada…Two years, one month and a few odd weeks later, their third Valentine’s Day rolls around. Girl knows this is their third Valentine’s. But Boy, he forgets (you’ll see).

Boy comes to the door wearing his Sunday best, only to be led to Girl’s bathroom, where she stands with her sisters, a mess.

Yeah, I was looking pretty hot.

You see, Girl had only twenty minutes to get ready after class and anything she did with her hair would just not work(go figure). After some tugging, some pulling, and some bobby pinning, she and Boy got out the door twenty minutes later than planned. This led Girl to apologize profusely for being “such a brat” on Valentine’s Day (she was really tired from being gone all day, okay?).

When they reached the car door, Boy began to look nervous, searching for something in his pocket. For a brief second, Girl thought he might be searching for, well, a ring. And she was right, except that it was not the kind of ring she was expecting.

He pulled out that ring, asking her if she would be his Valentine. She said “yes,” of course ( a proposal on Valentine’s Day would’ve been too cliche anyway, and the Ring Pop proposal definitely made her smile 😉 ). After the presenting of the ring, Boy and Girl rushed off to the restaurant. Due to Girl’s hair catastrophe, speeding driving fast but cautiously, was called for. On the car ride there, Boy started talking about how excited he was to be spending a second Valentine’s Day with Girl. I guess he forgot that it was their third? Girl then had to explain their Valentine’s plans from the past two years. Girl sometimes wonders what runs through Boy’s mind to make him forget.

The couple arrived downtown in just the knick of time; Boy surprised her with reservations at The Eagle’s Nest! This is a restaurant she had been dying to try for a long time! They rode the elevator to the 20th floor of the building…

and arrived at the restaurant. It is on top of a revolving rooftop so that, in an hour, each table is able to see a 360* view of the city! Girl was asked to choose a white or red rose upon the arrival (very classy), and the couple were seated at a window seat.

At this point, Boy and Girl realized that their camera batteries were dead, thus resorting to the Droid camera. They also realized, for as much as a Droid costs, the pictures should probably be of better quality than they really are. Just an observation.

Despite the poor photo quality, both Boy and Girl agreed that the view of the city was beautiful.

One view of Downtown Indy from our table

Girl may have spent too much time looking out the window rather than at the Boy across from her. Oops. But, there were so many windows; they got distracting!

They couple talked and ate. They tried to take a photo together but realized that the Droid does not do well in nighttime lighting, or from an arms length away. They resorted to shots of each other, and ended up looking like something (someone?) out of Twilight.

See the piano player right behind our table? She played everything from memory; love songs from now(Colbie Callait) and then (Ella Fitzgerald); I find piano music so relaxing!

Glow much?

After spending two hours eating appitizers, salads, dinner, and dessert, the couple decided that it was time to roll go home. The food was good, but Boy told Girl that they were paying more for the view than they were the food quality (the menus did not have prices on them, and he would not let her look at the check…but she assumes it’s a once or twice in a lifetime kinda deal). Girl had to agree; the food was not as great as she was expecting. Girl must say that Jenna’s flourless chocolate cake was better than the one she tried at the restaurant. Boy agreed with this one.

At the end of the night, the couple made their way back to the suburbs, filled with food and an unforgettable view of the city. Boy surprised Girl with a pot filled with tulips (her favorite, and she can plant them outside in the spring!) that he had been hiding behind the front seat, and Girl invited Boy in for some tea.

They both quickly realized how late it was getting,  so Boy drank his tea and went home.

And they lived happily ever after… (we assume 🙂)

The End.

Do you prefer dates that include a dress code and priceless (literally) menu, or would you rather do something more laid back?

I like going out to a nice dinner every once in awhile, but the majority of the time, I am perfectly fine with watching TV on a Sunday afternoon, or going for a walk in the park. I always feel bad when the food isn’t as great as expected, but the price remains the same!



30 Day Challenge

27 Jan

If you haven’t noticed, between school, my internship, and homework, I have little time to do much else. This kind of pushes blogging further down on my priority list, where I’d rather it not be. Then, upon catching up on my reading in the blogging world (while putting off doing homework), I found this:

A 30 Day Challenge that does not include Jillian Michaels, and some topic ideas to help me keep my blog up-to-date when my brain is otherwise on overload? I can go for that.

Be on the lookout. Tomorrow marks Day 1, and who can resist a good old-fashioned love story? I promise to keep the mushy gushy stuff to a minimum.

Maybe. 🙂

The crazy girl

11 Jan

I do it every semester. I tell myself I’m going to take it easy, let things go, go with the flow. Then the first day rolls around and I turn into the crazy girl who checks her planner for the seventeenth time just to make sure she wrote down all of her assignments that her professors, so lovingly, assigned on the first day, the girl who held it together at school but came home and had a slight breakdown, describing her day to her boyfriend in tears, the girl who insisted on going to the gym after a very long day of classes due to the fact that she had been eating too much chocolate to cope with the stress and felt that exercising would bring more balance into her life, rather than sleep. On days like this I sometimes think, wouldn’t it be easier to be a boy?

I mean, this (^) boy made it through engineering school in four years with no tears very minimal tears (who can blame the kid, engineering is a tough subject!), no crazy rants about the talkative kid in his history class, and definitely no whining about his anxiety of riding the city bus for the first time. Not like I am guilty of any of those things either… but see what I mean? It’s a hormonal thing, guys have it easier, I’m convinced.

For those of us who have not yet had the privilege of graduating, and for those of us who may or may not be female perfectionists, I have this theory that the first three weeks of each semester are the hardest to get through. After being on break for nearly five weeks, it’s a big adjustment to begin waking up before 8am again, while continuing to to stay up late just to get in a quick workout and some homework done before going to bed (bye bye Millionaire Matchmaker marathons), then starting the routine all over again. By the end of the third week routine will set in, but until then, be prepared for a lot of Facebook status rants from your college friends.

My perfectionism comes out (the most) during the first week of the semester. And it’s not fun. For anyone. Believe me, just ask my family or my boyfriend. Every time professors mention “loads of reading” or “research papers”, I feel my heart start to beat a little faster. It takes me a little while to remember that I’ve made it this far, and really, what’s one more semester?

I’m going to make an attempt to let go of (some of) my perfectionism this semester, after all, it is my last one to experiment with. I know that I’m not going to change overnight, but I can sure start trying.

In the mean time I have a pretty really great boy to bring some carefree living into my life. If  I can’t be the less complicated of the two genders, I will take the less complicated one to remind me that “perfection isn’t happy.” So he doesn’t use those words, but I do hear “chill out” a lot…we make a good team :).